Welcoming of a city

Trivandrum has a long history to share a buzzing town ,a reminder of old prosperity and the by gone class of royalty.Its my city my home my love and i know its buzz and its griefs or so i perceive.This eppisode is an account of my feeling the last time i returned to the comfyness of my home after a long session of studies far or rather not so far .A true account

It wa night when i arrived at the city’s periphery, the streets were succumbing to the nights emptiness quietness has already replaced the noisy dusty streets of hers. the rain had washed away all that was remnant of a tedious day of melancholy and monotony. the sadness or rather isolation or what ever it is ,a special feeling took over the ever smiling and rather busily involved city,It has retired to solitude from the days monotony.

And when i came i saw her smile i felt her happiness .In the bus as the cool winds pressed on my face and woke me from the tiredness and sturdiness of the long travel. I awoke in to the love of my home ,Its warmth and its love.

I saw the city lights dance and the streets express a happy warm welcome.an altogether new feeling for me my life has hence changed because my home has changed !

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