Capitalistic India……?

Last evening in our college dormitory we friends had a fight on general topics that changed topics faster than a chameleon could change its colours and in the zeniths of this unending saga of a debate we came upon ” Capitalism and Communism”.All of a sudden i was stumped by a direct question whether india is Capitalistic or Communist ” and for quick just shouted ” Capitalist ” duely placing a bulls eye on me and ending being their favorite target.

of course i made a mess of my answer and was not a true answer ,after all India is a Mixed economy but when i thought of my tragic and disgraced escape from that dreaded place , i thought its quite true that India is vcapitalistic nature isnt it doesnt matter what text books say but still.

Of course many of the industries are in the hands of the government but sadly our government is n the hands of the people with deep pockets . its quite a phenomenon world wide isnt it . look at it this way the billionares control the goverment and the government consist of poor billionares that cheat poor people with a sweat yello smile and place themselves on the temples of power just to ignore the ‘poor bastards’ that blaced them there.

its quite usel4ess to talk of it as i can do nothing about it with such a post , for so long so many has talked on it and this goes on and on . but all iw anted is to say for it gives me a pleasure to have reacted in some way than just be the silent victim of this carnage ………..

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