Island Nation

What happens when a crowd turns lonely….

It took this marvelous train journey to understand what it is to be left alone in a real crouwd , your friend ignore u thats all fine but in a real crowd a crowded , how can you be alone . No one even looking at you, very strange right……………

People learn communication skills now a days when they hardly communicates at all. they subject themselves to the felony of business to hide their underling loneliness ,else how could i not get none to even look at me .

even is it is to ask me switch of the high volume music play back service that i was providing them for their utter displeasure.

this has been much of my travel experiences lately, smile is quite a scarce commodity ,the world seems to be reluctant to even accept it just like that.its quite understandable in this world were yellow smiles are outnumbering the ‘good at heart ones ‘by a million to one .

this world has lost its collectives sense just a number of ands running around in despair and distress. let the one who can save us send us a Saviour, a Saviour with a golder heart and and tongue of eloquence

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