Maoist Mayhem :Enough is Enough………….

“All is blood from horizon to horizon , Innocent blood rain heavily ,Yet watches in vain the able ones”

Gravity of the situation still seems to elude even the highest of power circle.I can get it frankly, why is not the force being used ? Wonder what they are waiting for, they want a pearl harbor in India or a Massacre of innocent Tax Payers to be able to act. Those reckless Cannibals are roaming around killing and blowing up the helpless day after day  and their seems to be hardly any action done against.
They have now confident enough to act after giving a prior warning .its hight time to act ,something has to be done to save the millions that are being sacrificed by the delay.We boasts the worlds fourth largest army and yet we are not using ,them our security personnels are becoming nothing more than mere scape goats for some filthy no gooders.
Isn’t it already time that we should these devils the might of our resolve and show them that we can protect our land against all evil within and without with the same heaviness in he hands and the same clarity and resolve in our heads .we cant give up our nation to these few hundred brain washed killing machines because we do love it .
It is were we are born it is our land our India and we should protect against all malice and treat all those who try to hurt it ,even dare take a pinch of its sands with an Iron hand . shouldnt we?

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