In the days of the Weddings

Weddings ! weddings are  great , The communion , The bliss , The one event in life no matter how many times you have it its still very different and no matter what ! you will remember it.  These actually a very happy occasion when a new person becomes a part of you for ever and you celebrate it in the way the occasion demands, With champagne and toasts and rings and kisses and lots of friends to stand by you in that one one moment in life where you made the most beautiful “mistake of your life”.

We do go for a lot of weddings these days don’t we ?

Actually i myself has gone to a fair share of my weddings too. Grand and spell bounding are those all those people all the glitter the pomp and the show the beautiful bride the handsome groom and the wonderfully splendid ceremony..

Yet these days hardly are their any marriages just weddings no bonds no strings attached they are marrying because they have to not because they want to.they do marry for everything except for love , the one thing that should be the one thing.

Actually one jewelery franchise has gone to extend of asking one to get married just for the wedding jewelery.
I dont blame them they just did what they have to do to get their commodity sold in this ridiculously stupid market that bites whatever is thrown with a smile.but it asks the Great question , Whether anybody marries at all ,In India we are used to it people see romance as a sin but not that much these days , yet they have a hard time coming out of the old ways,.

All those gold and all those money spend on nothing nowadays a wedding do cost a fortune .Waste of money i call it ,atleast it could have been justified if the couples actually wanted to be couples at all….

Alas these are surely the days of the weddings not marriages. hope it changes because its good to hope of a day when one marries for the love and just nothing more at all………….

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