When it rained

          image courtesy : http://www.eontarionow.com/images/Rain.jpg

Its was not so long ago that we knew the heartbeat of the monsoon. it came ,we knew it will come , we knew it will rain and it does .Surely it was not far away that the sweet aroma of the dry earth intoxicated me and soaked the soil as it drizzled on .and i do remember the voice of the rain its stories and the coldness of its shower.

It was the first day at school and rain did welcome as it always did we soaked we played and we enjoyed the music of the rain.It threatened as with anger and shooed as with light ,yet we stayed on and enjoyed it,.The times ,i remember watching the brilliant spectacle of light that opened upon the dark night sky. the dazzling electrifying patters of light that was something far away for my room’s little terrace yet was something closer for my little heart.

Now ,the patterns are all lost ,it comes and it goes as if it no longer cares ,its anger that it shows, not elegance of the grand show. i still enjoy the drizzle the shower and  down pour yet something is missing ,the rhythm of the song is lost for now but it cant be lost for ever can it be no i don’t think so its the beauty of earth it always shall and can put on a memorable show.

May be it no longer rains beautifully because they do not enjoy it ,after all the pleasure of an artist is the pleasure of the audience . now they are too busy for the ‘small’ big things in life . i wonder what i will remember in my death ,the day i enjoyed life or the day i got screwed for being late to death.after happiness is a choice and i think everyone should chose it wisely. it will come back if you long for it. happiness and pleasure will be yours if you want it to be ,but still you should search for it in the small things in life .

The way it rains is the art of nature but a lost art for now,I do miss the days when it really rained.outside and inside .

image courtsey : http://fireflyforest.net/images/firefly/2005/August/rain-on-table-480.jpg

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