In the Land of no Rulez…..

” Rules are meant to be broken “

An ancient phrase that has more dedicated followers than any religion in this world. it never does run out of fashion does it ? people come out with innovative ways to deal with innovative rules .
But now i am particularly concerned with a certain fatal kind of rule breaking called traffic rules. and this we simply enjoy breaking don’t we ? in fact we break it so often than we no longer know whether such rules do exist . we have got so accustomed to breaking traffic rules that we can no longer make ourselves obey it , even if we want to.
Lets take just the simplest of all simple rules, Crossing a road,we do know we have to cross the road using a zebra crossing , and actually everyone does know that the stripes of white across a road is actually the path to cross the road through even if we dont know its called a ‘Zebra crossing ‘. strange enough people just hate touching it as if its a taboo. here you can cross anywhere you want except at a zebra crossing ,its a never do.
Its troubling ,Very troubling actually that everyday you have to hear of at least one fatal accident along with the morning breakfast. its like medicine one each day, sorry the pathetic that perishes in this reckless carnage of the self, slippery roads and an unconscious mind hungry for some adrenaline,its something like gun powder and fire combination ,An Explosive recipe for death. Blame not anyone ,but the drivers and the poor dead for their death ,Now a days  it doesn’t even make the layman’s eye wink ,accustomed they have became to this new habit ! Sadly ,But True.
I wonder whether it is the false self respect that causes drivers to flirt with the wheel and end up wrecked ! We do think that obeying rules is a very very bad thing to do in such a society as ours ,dont we ?, and this mindless attitude is eating up life faster than worst possible famine. More invite death and more and granted the wish.
Nothing will stop this but an healthy does of enlightening in this regard, the success and failure of this awreness shall decide how many more hapless life shall perish in our roads.Talking of roads its hopeless ,it will take just another post so let’s save it for later.have a good day

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