Catching up Living……………………

Its a fast world ,very fast ,new things , new technology that shrinks and the market sees more new things that more new babies that are born ,every day  many new things,expensive and cheap , good and bad ,genuine and forged. and the poor customers are tormented with a new weapon called choice.

Once upon a time there existed days when, a suit meant a suit ,but now a suit means u apparently end up in a million Sq.Ft showroom lurking around wardrobe to buy a thing , and at the end of day ,if your pockets deep you will end up with a lot of suits of which 99% you wont ever use, and if you are on a  budget you buy one of the many you like ,not happy of the one you bought but haunted by the many you could not.

We try desperately to live up to the world, impressing it in a way we seems to believe is right, catching up with the pace,some manage others lag and fall behind and roll in the despair with lost solace  . The pace simply keeps getting faster and more fall behind in this fruitless race ,very vague is the reason for such a race, its just a dire desire to show that one is no less than his par.

Many race the race that are hardly theirs to race, its acceptable for celebrities and people who need an attire can have it and those who like it and can afford it ,its well and good after all Haute couture is art and designers artists, art has value above material . but what i wont understand is why unassuming people who can barely afford it plague behind things that are hardly useful for them at all. A race that is hardly theirs.

I am a person who enjoys ,shopping and i do believe that knowing what you want is the very fundamental thing about efficient and effective shopping , buy want you want ,enjoy all  that is kept in store. Its fun surfing through material and enjoying the feel of plastic. but using plastic is something that i am careful about . Spent when you need to not when u want to.

This is a strange race to catch up with volatile trends , it has its share of lure and pull , never stay away be in the race but ,this race you need not win.

good day

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