The Dead Art Of Chivalry

Chivalry seems to have been long dead , may be thats why we get to envying as soon as we see someone chivalric, We neither believe in it nor we bother to be part of it , but still we feel a bit happy when we see , a blind man being helped across the street or when a child carries the language for an old lady , these scenes once so common had been washed away and now it has became so scarce that we can pretty much call ourselves lucky if we happened to accidently see an act to chivalry being performed .
So what happened to the ” good old times ” ,has it been reduced to just vestiges of our past , when men were brother and when one looked out for the other, family cook outs and even ” get-togethers”  have became so scarce , that we no longer can expect the future to have even a meagre glimpse of these great acts of humility and care in them.
Have these thing finally had took their trip it the land of no return , thats hard to say so because we still do see all these , but we just dont  take the time to do it , after all we live in a generation that is too busy to eat but happily waits in a traffic jam !. its a pretty much simple thing , we have told ourselves that much to our like of these acts  , we have became more and more unable to do a bit of good , we weep over the dead but does nothing save his life when we could.
We expect someone to do these , we wish had someone helped the poor old man cross, but we care nothing to do it , we clap at a great act , but hardly appreciates the simplicity of these acts  and the some how degrades themselves so low that they had somehow convinced themselves they can never do those good things ,why? , ” why ” you ask , because there is too much evil in the world that we feel unable to do anything about  and we feel that we will be left alone , people prefer the mobs not the one on the dice. 
Alas its a pity ,that they dont realize we could do it too ,in our little but beautiful ways , if we dare dream of a better and brighter tomorrow , how come never chase it down. After all what one can do in his life is good to others ,
Let the world change , and let us change that we be ready for the new world when it comes.

Silence of the Vuvuzelas

Guess what’s this world cup’s trends , lets see the jabullanni , the Waka Waka and the vuvuzelas of course,Now thats something that need no explanations to the todays world , all who have watched the world cup have already started cursing the deafening trumpets. And commentators are so annoyed with those things that they compare it to a stampede of noisy elephants,”and “a giant hive full of very angry bees”. They are fed up and Vuvuzelas still blow out their hearts in the stadiums ,Ban it they say and Ban us the vuvuzelas challenge.

these meter long trumpets are such a noisy things that one aloe can give you a head ache ,let alone the thousands that  literally blows themselves out in the Rainbow  nations tight stadiums.

these thing that originally made of tin were first used in mexico but gained popularity in the 90.s that too way down south in South Africa, some guy named Freddie Maake says he made it by attaching a pipe to a bicycle horn and blowing through it. now who cares who made these ear blowers as long as they make the watching a match a buzzy experience , South African football association has claims that these pipes gives the football match an authentic south African football experience and they have even made a presentation make it clear to the FIFA officials who threatened to ban them as they were feared to be used as a weapon by hooligans.

anyhow , the Vuvuzelas have survived and they have come to the FIFA World Cup 2010 and if you doubt it , go to South Africa and there you will have one that gives a mighty blow to start every match,A big one that too, 35 m in length,Vuvuzelas are to stay and ladies and gentleman , what the hell lets grab one and blow our hearts out and enjoy this south African fiesta a delight 

The Dancing of the Boots

How can i not write about football, when thats the hottest thing in the planet ? Its every where are every day of the wait is killing me , and now with hardly less than 24 hours to spare for the event i waited for the last 4 years ,every second is an year,its dragging and the pain is unbelievable. But i do know one thing, it will be worth the wait ,no matter what.

What has this world-cup done to the world , just what it has always done, unite it all in a Jaboolani ,From next day when the first whistle blows  the whole worlds eye are going to be fixed upon a single ball and at the legs of the magicians that are going to bring the heavens down upon the earth with every a flick. Invariably for the next thirty or so days the heart beats of the world is in the magic of the Jaboolani.

The very spirit of the games is the reason for the sport , great battles has been fought here before , new heros have risen , idols have fallen, as new claims for the crowns raise and as many a kings have fall, Remember,this is battlefield where the epic battle will take place, for the coronation of the worlds best. next stars will rise ,some will sadly fade away, And with the cry of the players nations will rise in joy and nations will turn to streams in upsets, they all have come here with a dream and that dream will ignite their spirit and that will propel them to the pinnacle of glory,this is the battle for the crown, to prove that they are the best . new and old rivalries will be reopened and new vengeance sought and new rivalries arise.

Not only is the matches a treat for the eye but so will be the spirits of the stands , the unmovable fans that root for their nation, singing and crying along their heroes , they are the success of any sports, they are united in sports and lead in sports , they cheer their nation in rain and sun , in night and day,be it Mexican waves or the shameless streakers , they are all in the name of the sport, they succumb to they spirit of the sport , their heart beats with the game and their eyes roll with the ball,they are the stands. they erupt in victory and they bursts in failure. 

As Messi , ronaldo and kaka and the so many out their write their names and their nations name into the history, it will be a treat to eye and much more for every fan of the sport. 
But the best of the thing is what it shall do to the rainbow nation, united they are in the umbrella of the football, as they pour into stadiums, they have no color , no religion and no boundaries, they become the sons and daughters of the mother and they will again be united and this event will take them to never ending days of peace and prosperity.
for now just enjoy the games and love they magic at the tip of the magicians boots.

Pinched for Murder

Of course a two year sentence for killing 25000 thousand innocent civilians and injuring over 100,000 and then getting away with a subtle and comic sentence of 2 years that two after a record 23 year long trial is nothing much than a pinch to the criminal ,Now if we consider the appeals and then again appeals and everything , i think by the time we get to decide on a sentence most of the convicted would be dead and down under. Lady Luck seems to have favored the perpetuators of the worlds worst industrial disaster in which a 
who could blame the anguish of the victims and the activists who lost their kith and kin and sacrificed their much to bring the men behind this incident to justice , that after their 25 years long trial all they get is being mocked at, a mockery of a sentence and the fall of a well praised judicial system,The worst past is that the union carbide under the Dow Chemicals International had even managed to slip off with an out of court settlement of 45 crore when the actual scale of the disaster was far above 350 crores, without even considering the value of the lives lost.
The court had to intervene to change the charge from non intentional homicide to homicide due to carelessness, i wonder who is careless, or are they even careless ?
Its a bit tragic a a whole lot pathetic that the poor and the downtrodden are left with nothing and are condemned to remain so , when the ones responsible for their poverty and their hardship and the ones that turned a their homes into a garbage bin , barren and useless are allowed to succumb in the luxury of their pockets and their foreign citizenships.
I do hope that at-least Bhopals  are never repeated and no more are men tortured an victimized for someone else’s carelessness.

Telling it to the Clouds

Whats the best thing about the moist rainy seasons, Of course everyone has their say , they rain and it unquestioned , the wetness and moisture , the coolness  of the air and for some its the nights of the tropical rains , complete with a fabulous display of lightning and  thunder. but for me the best thing is , of course as you have guessed it right , the snuffly-fluffy cute clouds, that scorns and laughs as it sail across the horizon.
Isn’t it just gorgeous the way the sway across the sky, they can make you feel as if in flight and you are moving along with them, the cute and cuddly clouds they are , the sparkle of silver and at dusk the rich shades of scarlet and red changes her mood, she turns a seductress the whims and fancies of your wildest imaginations come alive , at twilight . The way she changes her mood , the elegance with which she slides into the night, and at night the way she mysteriously veils the starry sky and the way she adds a little something extra to the ambiance of the night. the way she basks in the moonlight ,as a newly wed bride.
its all the beauty you will ever need to see, but its that that you will never completely enjoy , its just to great to be taken in as a whole. the dearest of mine are the clouds , the way she changes shapes and i play along , the mysterious ways lord decides to test out his creativity, and the fabulous pieces of imaginations that only a child can comprehend  and the marvel that blooms in the blue canvas of the great lord , its a thing a beauty and its certainly is a joy for ever and ever.
certainly , may disagree to the me saying that the clouds are the most beautiful part of a tropical monsoon, to me its the beautiful deep blue eyes on a very beautiful maiden lass. but of-course there are times she does get angry and she scolds and scorns , the shades of dark anger blushes her up and her rage can soak you in your run, the angry bursts and the flashes of rage , all are vague but yet they make her more beautiful and  her prettiness is her self.
certainly she is a thing to watch , and the best thing is that she here and now its time to enjoy her annual dance fiesta, enjoy the rain , They bring your childhood back to you in a way nothing else can ever do!.

Selling of the Ferrari :

Views on The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari by Robin S Sharma
An Almanac of Life ; thats how you can sum up this marvel from the pen Robin S Sharma , Renowned and world respected author and management guru. This book simple tells you give up all chains to regain your inner flame with such simplicity and grace that you actually starts to believe you can do it.
The best thing about this book is that it is not a book at all . its a guide rather , a guide to living a better life altogether . Of course it takes old and beaten road of self contemplation to achieve the state of self contempt. Its a wonderful book to read captivating story line and an unique method of teaching something of such simplistic complexity in a down right simple way , just as a conversation between two well-formed character rather than preaching it right out.
This book is a motivator and inspiring read ,a must read rather and a must read.
this book basically revolves around a highly placed lawyer who gives up all on his utter demise of self and returns with such vitality that the past seems like his old age. He suddenly realizes his promise to spread the secret of his transformation .He sees that his friend is in the same grave danger that he has lived to tell the tale and he decides that that is the right person is he who is his friend. the rest is the just the soul of this work.
this book is complete with lot of practical methods , tips and it even comes with a very handy and funny memory map , so fabulous that one cannot forget it even if u wanted to.
but on the darker side of the bright work ,the author seemed to be in a hurry, not much but yes yet. details seems to be scanty, may be he wishes as to explore the realm of the unexperienced ,but that is not what everyone would want but still this one is ” time spend worthy  ” books,
go on and give it a try , you would not regret it ,thats for sure.
have a nice day