Selling of the Ferrari :

Views on The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari by Robin S Sharma
An Almanac of Life ; thats how you can sum up this marvel from the pen Robin S Sharma , Renowned and world respected author and management guru. This book simple tells you give up all chains to regain your inner flame with such simplicity and grace that you actually starts to believe you can do it.
The best thing about this book is that it is not a book at all . its a guide rather , a guide to living a better life altogether . Of course it takes old and beaten road of self contemplation to achieve the state of self contempt. Its a wonderful book to read captivating story line and an unique method of teaching something of such simplistic complexity in a down right simple way , just as a conversation between two well-formed character rather than preaching it right out.
This book is a motivator and inspiring read ,a must read rather and a must read.
this book basically revolves around a highly placed lawyer who gives up all on his utter demise of self and returns with such vitality that the past seems like his old age. He suddenly realizes his promise to spread the secret of his transformation .He sees that his friend is in the same grave danger that he has lived to tell the tale and he decides that that is the right person is he who is his friend. the rest is the just the soul of this work.
this book is complete with lot of practical methods , tips and it even comes with a very handy and funny memory map , so fabulous that one cannot forget it even if u wanted to.
but on the darker side of the bright work ,the author seemed to be in a hurry, not much but yes yet. details seems to be scanty, may be he wishes as to explore the realm of the unexperienced ,but that is not what everyone would want but still this one is ” time spend worthy  ” books,
go on and give it a try , you would not regret it ,thats for sure.
have a nice day

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