Telling it to the Clouds

Whats the best thing about the moist rainy seasons, Of course everyone has their say , they rain and it unquestioned , the wetness and moisture , the coolness  of the air and for some its the nights of the tropical rains , complete with a fabulous display of lightning and  thunder. but for me the best thing is , of course as you have guessed it right , the snuffly-fluffy cute clouds, that scorns and laughs as it sail across the horizon.
Isn’t it just gorgeous the way the sway across the sky, they can make you feel as if in flight and you are moving along with them, the cute and cuddly clouds they are , the sparkle of silver and at dusk the rich shades of scarlet and red changes her mood, she turns a seductress the whims and fancies of your wildest imaginations come alive , at twilight . The way she changes her mood , the elegance with which she slides into the night, and at night the way she mysteriously veils the starry sky and the way she adds a little something extra to the ambiance of the night. the way she basks in the moonlight ,as a newly wed bride.
its all the beauty you will ever need to see, but its that that you will never completely enjoy , its just to great to be taken in as a whole. the dearest of mine are the clouds , the way she changes shapes and i play along , the mysterious ways lord decides to test out his creativity, and the fabulous pieces of imaginations that only a child can comprehend  and the marvel that blooms in the blue canvas of the great lord , its a thing a beauty and its certainly is a joy for ever and ever.
certainly , may disagree to the me saying that the clouds are the most beautiful part of a tropical monsoon, to me its the beautiful deep blue eyes on a very beautiful maiden lass. but of-course there are times she does get angry and she scolds and scorns , the shades of dark anger blushes her up and her rage can soak you in your run, the angry bursts and the flashes of rage , all are vague but yet they make her more beautiful and  her prettiness is her self.
certainly she is a thing to watch , and the best thing is that she here and now its time to enjoy her annual dance fiesta, enjoy the rain , They bring your childhood back to you in a way nothing else can ever do!.

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