Pinched for Murder

Of course a two year sentence for killing 25000 thousand innocent civilians and injuring over 100,000 and then getting away with a subtle and comic sentence of 2 years that two after a record 23 year long trial is nothing much than a pinch to the criminal ,Now if we consider the appeals and then again appeals and everything , i think by the time we get to decide on a sentence most of the convicted would be dead and down under. Lady Luck seems to have favored the perpetuators of the worlds worst industrial disaster in which a 
who could blame the anguish of the victims and the activists who lost their kith and kin and sacrificed their much to bring the men behind this incident to justice , that after their 25 years long trial all they get is being mocked at, a mockery of a sentence and the fall of a well praised judicial system,The worst past is that the union carbide under the Dow Chemicals International had even managed to slip off with an out of court settlement of 45 crore when the actual scale of the disaster was far above 350 crores, without even considering the value of the lives lost.
The court had to intervene to change the charge from non intentional homicide to homicide due to carelessness, i wonder who is careless, or are they even careless ?
Its a bit tragic a a whole lot pathetic that the poor and the downtrodden are left with nothing and are condemned to remain so , when the ones responsible for their poverty and their hardship and the ones that turned a their homes into a garbage bin , barren and useless are allowed to succumb in the luxury of their pockets and their foreign citizenships.
I do hope that at-least Bhopals  are never repeated and no more are men tortured an victimized for someone else’s carelessness.

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