The Dancing of the Boots

How can i not write about football, when thats the hottest thing in the planet ? Its every where are every day of the wait is killing me , and now with hardly less than 24 hours to spare for the event i waited for the last 4 years ,every second is an year,its dragging and the pain is unbelievable. But i do know one thing, it will be worth the wait ,no matter what.

What has this world-cup done to the world , just what it has always done, unite it all in a Jaboolani ,From next day when the first whistle blows  the whole worlds eye are going to be fixed upon a single ball and at the legs of the magicians that are going to bring the heavens down upon the earth with every a flick. Invariably for the next thirty or so days the heart beats of the world is in the magic of the Jaboolani.

The very spirit of the games is the reason for the sport , great battles has been fought here before , new heros have risen , idols have fallen, as new claims for the crowns raise and as many a kings have fall, Remember,this is battlefield where the epic battle will take place, for the coronation of the worlds best. next stars will rise ,some will sadly fade away, And with the cry of the players nations will rise in joy and nations will turn to streams in upsets, they all have come here with a dream and that dream will ignite their spirit and that will propel them to the pinnacle of glory,this is the battle for the crown, to prove that they are the best . new and old rivalries will be reopened and new vengeance sought and new rivalries arise.

Not only is the matches a treat for the eye but so will be the spirits of the stands , the unmovable fans that root for their nation, singing and crying along their heroes , they are the success of any sports, they are united in sports and lead in sports , they cheer their nation in rain and sun , in night and day,be it Mexican waves or the shameless streakers , they are all in the name of the sport, they succumb to they spirit of the sport , their heart beats with the game and their eyes roll with the ball,they are the stands. they erupt in victory and they bursts in failure. 

As Messi , ronaldo and kaka and the so many out their write their names and their nations name into the history, it will be a treat to eye and much more for every fan of the sport. 
But the best of the thing is what it shall do to the rainbow nation, united they are in the umbrella of the football, as they pour into stadiums, they have no color , no religion and no boundaries, they become the sons and daughters of the mother and they will again be united and this event will take them to never ending days of peace and prosperity.
for now just enjoy the games and love they magic at the tip of the magicians boots.

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