Silence of the Vuvuzelas

Guess what’s this world cup’s trends , lets see the jabullanni , the Waka Waka and the vuvuzelas of course,Now thats something that need no explanations to the todays world , all who have watched the world cup have already started cursing the deafening trumpets. And commentators are so annoyed with those things that they compare it to a stampede of noisy elephants,”and “a giant hive full of very angry bees”. They are fed up and Vuvuzelas still blow out their hearts in the stadiums ,Ban it they say and Ban us the vuvuzelas challenge.

these meter long trumpets are such a noisy things that one aloe can give you a head ache ,let alone the thousands that  literally blows themselves out in the Rainbow  nations tight stadiums.

these thing that originally made of tin were first used in mexico but gained popularity in the 90.s that too way down south in South Africa, some guy named Freddie Maake says he made it by attaching a pipe to a bicycle horn and blowing through it. now who cares who made these ear blowers as long as they make the watching a match a buzzy experience , South African football association has claims that these pipes gives the football match an authentic south African football experience and they have even made a presentation make it clear to the FIFA officials who threatened to ban them as they were feared to be used as a weapon by hooligans.

anyhow , the Vuvuzelas have survived and they have come to the FIFA World Cup 2010 and if you doubt it , go to South Africa and there you will have one that gives a mighty blow to start every match,A big one that too, 35 m in length,Vuvuzelas are to stay and ladies and gentleman , what the hell lets grab one and blow our hearts out and enjoy this south African fiesta a delight 

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