The Dead Art Of Chivalry

Chivalry seems to have been long dead , may be thats why we get to envying as soon as we see someone chivalric, We neither believe in it nor we bother to be part of it , but still we feel a bit happy when we see , a blind man being helped across the street or when a child carries the language for an old lady , these scenes once so common had been washed away and now it has became so scarce that we can pretty much call ourselves lucky if we happened to accidently see an act to chivalry being performed .
So what happened to the ” good old times ” ,has it been reduced to just vestiges of our past , when men were brother and when one looked out for the other, family cook outs and even ” get-togethers”  have became so scarce , that we no longer can expect the future to have even a meagre glimpse of these great acts of humility and care in them.
Have these thing finally had took their trip it the land of no return , thats hard to say so because we still do see all these , but we just dont  take the time to do it , after all we live in a generation that is too busy to eat but happily waits in a traffic jam !. its a pretty much simple thing , we have told ourselves that much to our like of these acts  , we have became more and more unable to do a bit of good , we weep over the dead but does nothing save his life when we could.
We expect someone to do these , we wish had someone helped the poor old man cross, but we care nothing to do it , we clap at a great act , but hardly appreciates the simplicity of these acts  and the some how degrades themselves so low that they had somehow convinced themselves they can never do those good things ,why? , ” why ” you ask , because there is too much evil in the world that we feel unable to do anything about  and we feel that we will be left alone , people prefer the mobs not the one on the dice. 
Alas its a pity ,that they dont realize we could do it too ,in our little but beautiful ways , if we dare dream of a better and brighter tomorrow , how come never chase it down. After all what one can do in his life is good to others ,
Let the world change , and let us change that we be ready for the new world when it comes.

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