Go Green or Pay Big !

                                Europe has finally decided to go green and go green tough. For some time now European cities are trying on the green cap. People seems to have little choice but to follow. Europe has decided to make the people go for mass transport and greener alternatives by making driving a conventional car down right miserable. There is not much consensus on the methods used by carious nations abut the intent seems clear, Go Green or Pay Big!
                                Cities like Vienna and Munich has closed of numerous roads to make cities congestion free and streets cleaner. Paris has decided to put its drivers on bicycles and has changed many car lanes into bike  lanes . and cities like London and Stockholm has decided to make the people pay for causing congestion. There are several European cities that restrict city traffic to highly environmental friendly automobiles only. They even have decided to ban street side parking almost every where. Now if you have to get somewhere downtown you might as well park your car in suburbs and catch a bus. you certainly are not going to find any place to park downtown.
                                But it seems like Americans don’t want to take thing too hard on themselves yet they have resorted to simpler and much less drastic steps, like synchronizing green lights and making traffic flow easier to reduce their carbon foot print. Only San Francisco has among the many American cities has decided to take drastic measures, by closing of several of its arket lanes to traffic.
                                Some cities has took it to hard on themselves to make sure that they get every single river out of their car. What causes hell for a driver is being forced to drive in sloth mode through streets were they ones drove at their hearts content. Several a cities now want their pedestrians to be as free as they can be on road.. They want them to be able to cross where they like, walk where they please and cause mayhem to drivers how they like. There are some cities that plan to get rid of pedestrian sighs and crossing completely.
                                There are some who feel that they need to have upgraded the public transport a notch before going altogether green and its pretty sure that’s what these European cities are planning to do. Many cites plan to increase their mass transport facilities and has already started expanding their already good infrastructure.  Trams and metros have increased and bus routes and stepped up. Some cities have perfected their public transport frame work so much so that the parliamentarians prefer to take the commuter.
                                So, wondering what caused the big political heads to see green. They although want to curb their emissions and they cant do it with all their drivers on road. The important impulse came from the idea of cleaning up their cities and making it inviting for people to come visit. Cities like pairs that rely almost entirely on tourism has to make their cities clean to ensure  a brighter tourism future.
                                With majority of the citizens and many politicians firmly behind them these cities continue to tame traffic and keep their cities carbon free. This do sound very inviting for the green earth campaign worldwide . If all the cities in the world decide to clean themselves up , the global warming with  and can go down it books as a myth that once existed. All’s well if it ensure a greener cleaner tomorrow.

Driving it Green ! Beyond Prius . . .

                          Who doesn’t know Toyota Prius, we all do. Prius is the cleanest vehicle to be sold in the united States. A car that openly defied the skeptics who saw a bleak future for a ” green car”. The Prius opened up the market for an whole new genre of cars called the green cars. A market segment that then became crowded. Now the segment boasts an whole line of new cars.

                          But, that’s fairy tale now. Now the market opens up for a whole new genre of cars , much different from the original Toyota Prius. But firstly one should know how Toyota Prius works,  Toyota Prius is a car that uses the Battery power to optimize its already efficient combustion engine. That means you are basically driving a normal combustion engine car that has an add-on pack in the form of a battery. The Prius is by no way a complete Green car but it certainly is a lot greener than many.

                          But now a new bread of cars are here. You may have guessed it, If not they are the fully electrical cars with a supporting gasoline engine. With Europe ready to dump all its conventionally powered cars by the year 2050, Its a nice green shift. To put the conventional engine in the back seat is no small thing. Many have tried and has so far failed in creating a effortless car that can do it , the transition form one to th next is the big thing. You can have both but when to switch? Looks like Chevrolet has found their answers atlas. But Nissan took it a step further. They came out with all electric car LEAF( Leading Environmentally friendly and Affordable Family car) last year and that one bagged the European Car of the year award 2011 and the world car of the year award in the same year.

                          The Nissan leaf was here a pretty long time and Nissan has got it right after all. This car is a all electric car. The US Environmental Protection Agency official range is 117 kilometer, with an energy consumption of 765 Kj / km and rated the Leaf’s combined fuel economy at 99 miles per gallon gasoline equivalent. The Leaf has a range of 175 km or 109 miles on the New European Driving Cycles. The LEAF is delivered to the western markets via highly fuel efficient cargo ships specially build to restrict the overall carbon foot print of the car. When it comes to carbon foot print Nissan really takes it seriously.

                          The New Kid on the block is the Chevrolet Volt, a plug in hybrid electrical vehicle. The Volt has been on sale in the United States since mid December 2010, and its the most fuel efficient compact car as per the US Environmental Protection Agency. Again in the foot steps of the Prius, but much more advanced, its a pure delight to drive with the smoothest transition between the engines. The systems  run on the battery as long as it has juice and as soon as its empty it transforms magically into a normal car. Once the battery has life charge it goes back to the battery power. Such an addictive car that it makes you want to increase your mileage.

                          This war is not yet over, The battle for the ultimate electric road car will be fought on for many more moons. But at the end of the war there will be not just one winner, But many and of this numerous winners humanity will be the biggest one and He will have by then saved the world from chocking to death. Go green. Today’s saving is Tomorrows gain.

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To Rise from the Ashes

                      The angst has not subsided, the shivering has not stopped. Its been over 100 days since the wrath of the tsunami was unleashed upon the land of the Rising Sun. The Sun has not yet rose to it former glory and many do not expect a perfect sunny day anytime soon. The March 11th tsunami has left the japanesse shaking like never before. If the there were nerves that the Tsunami left unscratched, the impending doom pertained by the worst nuclear disaster after the Chernobyl has certainly send a shiver down their spines.
Relatives of the deceased offering their prayers on the 100th  day


                      The 100th day is believed to be final day of the funeral ceremonies as per Buddhist traditions and has been observed with prayers and providing solace to the victims kith and kin. The hundredth day to be the time to look ahead and continue rebuilding the country. It will be a slow and painstakingly slow process, Nevertheless it has to be done and be done in a comprehensive way taking into account a much more sustainable model.

                      But as we know, The Japanese are strong they have risen from more worse socio – economical crisis than this. Their spirit may be strong but for a speedy recovery they need to have more than that. The lack of trust that the government of this island nation experiance is a serious hindrance in the restoration of the nation to its former self.

                      However the majority of the problems faced by the nation was due to the initial tension of a potential nuclear disaster which delayed other efforts to an extent. The clean up of the mess caused by the waves itself is gigantic task, but it seems to have helped the economy as it is quite possible for any man to earn around 13000 yen simply by collecting trash left by the waves. This has generated many local jobs enough to pull people from unaffected areas to the affected ones in pursuit of jobs.

Toyota Head Quarters , Japan
                      The Next big problem the country is facing is to provide the housing for the thousands that are relocated by the tsunami and the incidents that followed suit. This again will take it toll on the time available. The terrible damaged network of power supply has caused the next big problem. The billion dollar production and manufacturing industry has been struck hard by the Tsunami.  All of the automobile companies are forced to cut down their production due to lack of power.
                      Japan is bound to rise back, Every nation has its time of peril and its time of upheaval, Then there is the time of resurrection and progress. Japan will rise and rise back back strong. The uncertainty lies only in how long its going to take. for the rising of the Sun. The worlds heart prays for their brothers in Japan.

A Great Step Forward !

New York to Allow Same-Sex Marriages :
                          New York Last night became the 6Th state to legalize Same – Sex marriages. A drama that till the very last minute didn’t show any sign of certainty was passed by the senate for 33 – 29 votes. Now that New York, the third most populous state has accepted ” gay ” marriages. It is but safe to assume that more states will follow suit. This is bound to give new momentum to already strong gay movement. I am pretty sure that the world will follow this example and will protect the ones who has decided to be united in love.

Nathaniel Brooks for The New York Times

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo of New York signs the same-sex marriage bill into law.

                          What is welcome is that the world if not as a whole but bit by bit is ready to shed its view of a so called or rather believed ‘Utopian’ society and is ready to look at things with a bigger and considerate perspective. It is not right to isolate and in-dignify anyone who has had the courage to make an unconventional choice and stand by it. They deserve to live a life like anyone else and they should never be looked upon differently for their personal choice, but for the character they display.


                          Of course! It wont be easy to create a society that is tolerant and considerate to all the innumerable variety of characters displayed by the society, But as any society at any time in history has, these rebellions shall eventually aid in the creation of a better planet where men will see each other as humans and nothing more. It would take ages before all these facets are torn away and the real humans behind it be exposed. But as for the time being we are on the right tracks and along this road we shall eventually reach that essentially Utopian society.

by C.S. Muncy for The New York Times

Outside the Stonewall Inn, a lively crowd reacted to news of the bill’s passage.

                           There are societies that cant at this moment be considered mature enough or considerate enough to accept this as the natural order of things and there are men so hypocritical that they cannot accept even the slightest of deviations from their perspective of an perfect society, This by no means can be considered a weakness of the society but it indicates that the society has shut its eyes so much that light has started to hurt it. but it will eventually be able see. We should give it the time to redeem its vision. They shall and will react strongly and violently to these news. But men! fear not! Only through these attacks and their failure shall the world realise their mistake an eventually be ready to accept this. 
                           As some noble soul has once pointed out. When anyone is confronted with things that are not acceptable to his mental frame work. First, he shall ignore, then he shall fight and eventually he be defeated by himself. One shall have nothing to do with it but be faithful to one’s alliance and the path One has decided to follow. If you doubt your own way they you shall never reach the destination, Simply because you is worthless of the destination.

Jessica Rinaldi/Reuters

Revelers embraced in front of The Stonewall Inn.

Looking up at the Stars . . .

                          ” We are all in the gutter , But some of us are looking at the stars.  “

   — Oscar Wilde              
               Wonderful isn’t it ? The night sky!. It is something that never fails to fascinate. So  Adorable, So magnificent, as if someone had accidentally dropped a million diamonds upon the black sky. They dance and the sway, they twinkle and they smirk. They make u look up at them with awe, with fascination. Nothing has inspired men like the stars if you would not count ” love “. But unlike ” love ” the stars makes you desire, envy them in an entirely diffident manner, May be its because underneath you are aware of the impracticality in achieving it. Never the less. men has always chased stars and chased it quite far too.
                         Where is a child in all the worlds, who has looked up at the night sky and not desired a stellar speck of his own. No wonder men compare their dream to the stars, those are as special as it gets. I remember Carl Schurz  who once said stars are like ideals, never to be achieved but to be followed. Sure every one of us know that one is never going to have a star, but does that stop them from dreaming of having one? Of course not!. 
                         To have a dream is very fundamental, To compare it to the stars. A life without a dream is a sky with no stars. 

                         I still remember when i used to gaze up at the stars. As the many dreamers i know, and the many millions i do not know, the thing that’s going to separate the men from the boys definitely is whether they believe they can actually capture the ” STAR “!

Why Women Live Longer than Men ! Remembered.

                              The age old Presentation that i still remember down the ages. One one fine morning my aunt mailed in a email titled.

” Why Women Live Longer than Men “

And this marvelous presentation is what i found in it. 

Its Quite Fascinating !

Chivalry explained: from knights of honour to women’s lib – Telegraph

                         I recently stumbled on a blog in ‘The Telegraph’ by  Emily Gosden on chivalry and its change in meaning from the medieval time to the modern era .It is but sad that that humans forge forward in all realms known to him he has lost every bit of grace he ones donned. As people has claimed chivalry to be feminist and a lot more. I doubt of times when people would treat each other with respect and dignity will ever exist in the future we are to be part of.