A Great Step Forward !

New York to Allow Same-Sex Marriages :
                          New York Last night became the 6Th state to legalize Same – Sex marriages. A drama that till the very last minute didn’t show any sign of certainty was passed by the senate for 33 – 29 votes. Now that New York, the third most populous state has accepted ” gay ” marriages. It is but safe to assume that more states will follow suit. This is bound to give new momentum to already strong gay movement. I am pretty sure that the world will follow this example and will protect the ones who has decided to be united in love.

Nathaniel Brooks for The New York Times

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo of New York signs the same-sex marriage bill into law.

                          What is welcome is that the world if not as a whole but bit by bit is ready to shed its view of a so called or rather believed ‘Utopian’ society and is ready to look at things with a bigger and considerate perspective. It is not right to isolate and in-dignify anyone who has had the courage to make an unconventional choice and stand by it. They deserve to live a life like anyone else and they should never be looked upon differently for their personal choice, but for the character they display.


                          Of course! It wont be easy to create a society that is tolerant and considerate to all the innumerable variety of characters displayed by the society, But as any society at any time in history has, these rebellions shall eventually aid in the creation of a better planet where men will see each other as humans and nothing more. It would take ages before all these facets are torn away and the real humans behind it be exposed. But as for the time being we are on the right tracks and along this road we shall eventually reach that essentially Utopian society.

by C.S. Muncy for The New York Times

Outside the Stonewall Inn, a lively crowd reacted to news of the bill’s passage.

                           There are societies that cant at this moment be considered mature enough or considerate enough to accept this as the natural order of things and there are men so hypocritical that they cannot accept even the slightest of deviations from their perspective of an perfect society, This by no means can be considered a weakness of the society but it indicates that the society has shut its eyes so much that light has started to hurt it. but it will eventually be able see. We should give it the time to redeem its vision. They shall and will react strongly and violently to these news. But men! fear not! Only through these attacks and their failure shall the world realise their mistake an eventually be ready to accept this. 
                           As some noble soul has once pointed out. When anyone is confronted with things that are not acceptable to his mental frame work. First, he shall ignore, then he shall fight and eventually he be defeated by himself. One shall have nothing to do with it but be faithful to one’s alliance and the path One has decided to follow. If you doubt your own way they you shall never reach the destination, Simply because you is worthless of the destination.

Jessica Rinaldi/Reuters

Revelers embraced in front of The Stonewall Inn.

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