To Rise from the Ashes

                      The angst has not subsided, the shivering has not stopped. Its been over 100 days since the wrath of the tsunami was unleashed upon the land of the Rising Sun. The Sun has not yet rose to it former glory and many do not expect a perfect sunny day anytime soon. The March 11th tsunami has left the japanesse shaking like never before. If the there were nerves that the Tsunami left unscratched, the impending doom pertained by the worst nuclear disaster after the Chernobyl has certainly send a shiver down their spines.
Relatives of the deceased offering their prayers on the 100th  day


                      The 100th day is believed to be final day of the funeral ceremonies as per Buddhist traditions and has been observed with prayers and providing solace to the victims kith and kin. The hundredth day to be the time to look ahead and continue rebuilding the country. It will be a slow and painstakingly slow process, Nevertheless it has to be done and be done in a comprehensive way taking into account a much more sustainable model.

                      But as we know, The Japanese are strong they have risen from more worse socio – economical crisis than this. Their spirit may be strong but for a speedy recovery they need to have more than that. The lack of trust that the government of this island nation experiance is a serious hindrance in the restoration of the nation to its former self.

                      However the majority of the problems faced by the nation was due to the initial tension of a potential nuclear disaster which delayed other efforts to an extent. The clean up of the mess caused by the waves itself is gigantic task, but it seems to have helped the economy as it is quite possible for any man to earn around 13000 yen simply by collecting trash left by the waves. This has generated many local jobs enough to pull people from unaffected areas to the affected ones in pursuit of jobs.

Toyota Head Quarters , Japan
                      The Next big problem the country is facing is to provide the housing for the thousands that are relocated by the tsunami and the incidents that followed suit. This again will take it toll on the time available. The terrible damaged network of power supply has caused the next big problem. The billion dollar production and manufacturing industry has been struck hard by the Tsunami.  All of the automobile companies are forced to cut down their production due to lack of power.
                      Japan is bound to rise back, Every nation has its time of peril and its time of upheaval, Then there is the time of resurrection and progress. Japan will rise and rise back back strong. The uncertainty lies only in how long its going to take. for the rising of the Sun. The worlds heart prays for their brothers in Japan.

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