Go Green or Pay Big !

                                Europe has finally decided to go green and go green tough. For some time now European cities are trying on the green cap. People seems to have little choice but to follow. Europe has decided to make the people go for mass transport and greener alternatives by making driving a conventional car down right miserable. There is not much consensus on the methods used by carious nations abut the intent seems clear, Go Green or Pay Big!
                                Cities like Vienna and Munich has closed of numerous roads to make cities congestion free and streets cleaner. Paris has decided to put its drivers on bicycles and has changed many car lanes into bike  lanes . and cities like London and Stockholm has decided to make the people pay for causing congestion. There are several European cities that restrict city traffic to highly environmental friendly automobiles only. They even have decided to ban street side parking almost every where. Now if you have to get somewhere downtown you might as well park your car in suburbs and catch a bus. you certainly are not going to find any place to park downtown.
                                But it seems like Americans don’t want to take thing too hard on themselves yet they have resorted to simpler and much less drastic steps, like synchronizing green lights and making traffic flow easier to reduce their carbon foot print. Only San Francisco has among the many American cities has decided to take drastic measures, by closing of several of its arket lanes to traffic.
                                Some cities has took it to hard on themselves to make sure that they get every single river out of their car. What causes hell for a driver is being forced to drive in sloth mode through streets were they ones drove at their hearts content. Several a cities now want their pedestrians to be as free as they can be on road.. They want them to be able to cross where they like, walk where they please and cause mayhem to drivers how they like. There are some cities that plan to get rid of pedestrian sighs and crossing completely.
                                There are some who feel that they need to have upgraded the public transport a notch before going altogether green and its pretty sure that’s what these European cities are planning to do. Many cites plan to increase their mass transport facilities and has already started expanding their already good infrastructure.  Trams and metros have increased and bus routes and stepped up. Some cities have perfected their public transport frame work so much so that the parliamentarians prefer to take the commuter.
                                So, wondering what caused the big political heads to see green. They although want to curb their emissions and they cant do it with all their drivers on road. The important impulse came from the idea of cleaning up their cities and making it inviting for people to come visit. Cities like pairs that rely almost entirely on tourism has to make their cities clean to ensure  a brighter tourism future.
                                With majority of the citizens and many politicians firmly behind them these cities continue to tame traffic and keep their cities carbon free. This do sound very inviting for the green earth campaign worldwide . If all the cities in the world decide to clean themselves up , the global warming with  and can go down it books as a myth that once existed. All’s well if it ensure a greener cleaner tomorrow.

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