Google Plus : First look

Google Plus is Here !

                              Quite a surprise Google has for the world this summer and that was Google Plus. Google to have come up with something to counter Facebook was not surprising, Nobody expects Google to quietly lose their space on the web. But for sometime Google was quite and now everybody knows why!. Google was secretly working on its very own social networking platform and that platform is Google +.

                              Google + is the super cute social networking site from Google. Something too cute and cuddly to be designed by Google. A nice and cozy notification area and a super serine nav-bar, something that is certain to make people go back for Google again and again. Unlike Facebook with its awfully crowded and poorly place objects Google has managed place everything and anything its its super simple interface.

                              Google has so far announced five of its main features namely: Circles, Hangouts, Sparks, Instant Upload and Huddles. 

Circles : 

                              Circles are Google’s answer to your privacy concerns you want to say ” hi ” to your close friends and no one else just post in your circle, something that Facebook seems unable to provide as conveniently as Google does. This feature incorporates the real life ” Social Circles” on the web. Quite groovy! You can be parts of circles and each circle can hangout together do stuff together and everything else together. Something like a group of friends hanging out.

                              One thing that stands out in the Google circles is how effortlessly one can add delete switch and move people in and around their circles. Its so smooth the drag and drop is exceptional. One can literally drag and drop anything anywhere.

Hangouts : 

                              Hang out are yet another social concept that Google has introduced and this features its top notch video conferencing ability. Anyone in a circle can hang out with anyone else and when new members come they automatically gets added up to your hangout area so you all can have a lovely interactive time together. It even showcases a feature where the person who is the loudest and most active gets noticed and highlighted automatically.

Sparks : 

                              Sparks is a service that eats ion your interests, your regular searches , your online trends to find out things that you may like. Like music you may like, pictures you may like, videos articles, blogs and even things you might be interested in buying. All this delivered to you.

Instant Upload : 

                              This one is for the phone lover in you , This lets you automatically share your photos and videos as soon as you take them with you close circles. This eliminates any need for you to manually do anything. Google says … just click, click and click away…

Huddles :

                              Ever wanted to huddle together, Google things you need to and things webs a good place to do so. The final one of the many featured tricks are the huddle. Huddle is a something between a group chat and your regular chats. If you are trying to decide in something with many of your friends. Google sums it all up into  a single group chat. Now this one I need to try it out a lot to tell more.  

Closed Tests :

                              Currently Google is offering its social services to a very small set of users withe each able to get a maximum of 15 users to the service, Google has promised to open up its platform for the wider audience soon. But they have set upo a very cool intro site for Google plus here

The big Buzz :

                              The big buzz now is how Google is going take out Facebook. Google has made it clear that they will not be in anyway competing with the social network giant. But, the actions seems to tell a different story. The buzz and the wave didn’t make it out alive but the new kid in the block is no kid at all, he is a warrior and Google is here for the fight. Who ever wins the global internet users stands to.

Go sign up for an alert here. Google will let you know as soon as you can use Google plus.

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