PotterMore : A new place for Potterheads

                                       The Secret has been revealed! Rowling has officially announced her new e-Reading site for the Harry Potter franchise ” pottermore.com “. A site that she claims to be a place for the revelation of many hidden information that she had held on to herself for quite some time. The potter heads who have been looking for places to go since the harry potter and his magical world has concluded in a mammoth 7 books and 8 movie extravaganza. What now? that’s what most harry potter fans think. Its too late to just give up the magical world in which we all literally grew up. Ever since the first book touched our hands to now when it all ended. Pottermore is Rowling’s magical answer to her fans and their unyielding spirits.

                                       Pottermore is set to open by the 1st of October to the general public, but as a test they are planning to allow a selected lucky few who register to be allowed earlier, So you ‘ the fans ‘ can be part of the construction of the ultimate potter paradise. Rowling clearly states that ” You ” are a fundamental part of the whole pottermore project and the entire experience it offers. All Potter maniacs, Hurry up and register. This is intended to serve as a platform for the sales of Harry Potter e-books and merchandise. 

                                       This entire platform is said to be used as a place where every potterhead can interact between themselves, share experiences and be part of the World of the Wizards. Rowling also has confirmed that this would be where the authentic audio books and e-books will be available. She has also confirmed to be around and share her Harry Potter experience in pottermore.

                                       It is also possible that she may be using this as a platform to accumulate user reviews and the fans feelings. She might even be thinking of writing or release new works on potter based on that. These are just speculations and in past many characters have come back even from from death. So a Resurrection of harry potter cannot be ruled out completely as a possibility. If Harry is coming back I sure will be there to welcome him back , And I know so shall you all be.

Just one more thing before Adios .Don’t forget to register you may just be getting a chance to be part of pottermore. click here

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