Daffodils in Life’s way

                                       Many a daffodils laughed upon the little road by a brook, many a birds chirped upon the humble grass they fed on. Many waves lashed the shores and many a winds sang the song of nature. But marched on the soldiers of today, dreaming. A world of tomorrow they lost for the world of today they had

                                       How many has a seen a daffodil? Many have I suppose, but how many has a seen a daffodil today? Not many I should think. Where did these daffodils go? Did they just vanish or had they all withered. But neither had happened, the truth is you just did not see them today, they were there and they were still blossoms but they were not seen. These daffodils are like shadows they appear and go but they are hardly noticed.

                                       Often in life the most memorable are memories of small things. These little things that you have seen and you have heard will play a role in life that no big things will. The beauty of remaining fall is that they shall be only discovered by the wise. The intelligent has sight but only the wise knows where to look. The little things you have done for someone and the little things they did it for you are all in the package. The amount and magnitude of things are secondary to the way it was done for you.

                                       Those small moments of love and that instant of a smile, aren’t those that you cherish more that the grades you scored in 1oth grade?

                                       But somehow along the line, people forget what they seek and they pursue things they think they want. They forget to see what the daffodils along the way by looking up at the crowd ahead. They do fail to realize that if they won’t be finding happiness along the way they hardly will find it at the end of the journey. Everyone should now and then halt and take a look around. They will be bewildered by the sings they see by simply looking at them.

                                       Everyone I would like to tell you something, when on any journey make sure that you take a time out for yourself, you can discover answers to many complex questions by simple looking at the world around us. Nature is a great teacher and an ultimate adobe of all information. But after all make sure to see the daffodils before you walk away.

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