Dreamscape: A world of Possibilities

                                       The world of dreams is as dreamy as it can ever get. It’s so dreamy that any attempt to define or describe it would miss their mark by a very considerable amount. Dreams are something so personalisable that they define the very concept of owning. Dreams blur the thin line between the real and the imaginary. Every person has their very personal set of dreams. It’s something that they keep very close to themselves or for a few it’s something that despise more than anything.
                                       The dreamscape is the setting of a dream and what differentiates the dreamscape from the world of imagination is the level of details and accuracy of events involved. Doubt it? Have you noticed that when in a dream you really feel that it is real? The dreams provide you with an alternate reality. The reality produced is not often a logical set of events but a set of events and people somehow related to you produced before you in some random fashion. Scientist does argue that the sequence of events are non-logically related but somehow related through some process. But let’s not discuss these technicalities.
On dream that I particularly remember is this one, unlike most dreams I have had they are not a series of visuals from some random part of my brain but it was a very close to heart dream. The setting of the dream fell at a time when I have had achieved success in life letting my think of the possible ways of using my remnant life. Quite deep! It’s is what I thought of it at first but further thought revealed to me that the dream itself had large credentials to look into?
                                       A person bored of wealth and a hectic lifestyle I had decide to abandon it all and seclude myself to an isolated life and my lovely wife has decided to accompany me. Living such a life produced to me many questions of the utility of life. Then the I in my dreams decided to move into countryside have a nice house and go teach. Teaching to me seemed as absurd as it sound snow, but soon I found out that there is nothing in life as rewarding as this is. This life I liked as much as it sounds now.
                                       The dream opened before a new tread of thought that I had never ever had before it opened by eyes to a world that lay before me but I never bothered to look. Dreams are powerful, so powerful that they can instill new thoughts in you and they can make people change overnight. Dreams are fundamental to health so is it fundamental to the person’s purpose on earth. To dream is a great ability, and to dream big is phenomenal but to be able to dream and act up on it is talent.

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