Living near the World’s Richest Temple.

                                  It all started very fast , one day there was just a temple and in a week I found myself living at top a 22 billion dollar treasure. Wonderful ! , A temple that I have visited every now and then , A place were I used to take leisurely strolls in divine tranquility. Today that very place houses one of the greatest treasures ever found in the world. The treasure is estimated to be accumulated over a couple hundred years and today it has a base value of a whopping 22 billion dollars , now that’s just the values of the material and not the antiquity value or the value after craftsmanship is included. If you start adding all that factors up it may go well beyond a 100 billion dollar. 

                                  One day a retired diplomat decides that there is some irregularities in the temples way of dealing with its riches which were to then unaccounted for over  400 years. He took the matter to court and then acquired an order to ascertain the exact level of treasure hidden in the temples six vaults. This person who lives quite near to temple had made the efforts in showing the world what the lord had in store for them. As the court appointed special team inspected each vault the amount of treasure simply kept increasing and in multiplied and added in rates that none ever imagined and making the Sri Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple the richest temple in all of the world.

                                  As with all treasure we have our beliefs as well , the person who went to court for opening of the treasures died in less than a month of his victory, T.P. Sundarrajan aged 72 years , a former officer of the Indian Police Service and a lawyer died giving rise to a whole lot of small talks about curses and evil . One more vault is left to be opened and many believe here that the opening of the last vault will unleash great wrath    and famine in all of the lands.

                                   Living atop such a vast treasure is silly thing , many people who lived peacefully near the temple are now living in the fear of being evicted any time. The speculations and the facts about the increase of security is bound force these poor ‘brahmins’, who likes to live in the shadow of the lord and worship him day and night out of their homes. Though many have left their fate to the lord they live in constant fear of losing their homes. Though many of us appreciate the uncovering of the vast treasure and is proud of more than just rich lord, there are time we have wished it should not have been discovered just yet. We no longer can roam as freely around the temple , which for many have once been like a play ground. Yes the temple was famous then , and people used to come to see the lord and now there is no place to stand in the temple. Once there were time we could see the lord anytime and in a matter of months we have to wait in queues for hours at end just to see him for a moment.

                                   The temple is gone no more the old one ,No more can we go there as free as we had done for so many years before.But , the treasure had to be found and we are proud of it. As we have the saying we believe, 

” What happened , what happens and what will happen are all for the greater good” 

2 thoughts on “Living near the World’s Richest Temple.

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