A day in the park!


                              I think I have lately redeveloped my taste in photography yet again. Enjoying another day in the park after quite a long time in the concrete jungles was so rejuvenating. With lots of butterflies , tons of greenery and of course a brand new camera. Strolling trough the lawns with lots of time in my hands and no work at all , I was simply clicking away.

Trees along the road.

                              Loaded with birds and their chirps , The unending walkways seemed too short for the day. With rain threatening to come down any minute , the air was cold and there was a soothing breeze. Magical ! that’s what it was , with streaks of sunlight glowing through the small gaps in the puffy clouds. It all made the place look heavenly. 

                              As the sun bid adieu , making the guardians of green grow sad . His light shone trough the canopy as he embarked on his mighty descent. A beautiful day with many a beautiful memories , that’s what today was !

More photos of my trip !

A green walkway

Chasing birds !

Finally I caught him on my camera .
Just another row of banyan trees

For more High resolution photos from my trip visit here

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