Way to go Jobs!

These are difficult times and Apple sure is going to miss their man at the helm! When Steve Jobs announced that he doesn’t see himself fit to perform his duties anymore as the CEO of apple, they just did not lose another employee, they had lost the one man who had done it all for the Apple. If Apple is Apple today, then Steve Jobs made it so. Every single one of their reverberating products were the brain child of this man,, They call him their greatest innovator and the world calls him the greatest business man in the world.
An Apple without Jobs that is something to see! With Tim cooks who was is poised to step into the chair that was once donned by a modern day legend, things might just get interesting. What is to be watched is how a soft spoken simple man like him going to handle the vessel that was till then handled by a larger than life, fearless and instinctive person like Jobs. With android already having over 500K activation daily, Apple has some serious things to handle in the coming days.

Steve was a savior for Apple at many a times, saving a near disaster turn of events after Macintosh and the liaison with longtime nemesis Microsoft. Steve jobs was able to persuade music companies to release tracks over iTunes even when the world of music producers were scared to death of pirates. With apples every new release the Jobs touch was evident. A perfectionist who believed that their products must be the best there is to date. There were even tales of Jobs firing people over their bogus and not so good ideas.

Apples products under his tenure were not just run away successes; they were segment definers, fashion statements and things that you can’t live without. They opened up arenas that were previously unknown, they beamed ideas never thought of before. The music Player was there but iPod was different, so different that iPods are never called a mere music player.

Did you know! That Steve was the one who actually invented personal computer, the personal computer with the mouse and the windows as we know it today came from his gifted mind. The release of Apple II the first practical personal computer was their first ever runaway success and then followed the Mac, iPod, iPhone and iPad. The many more products that they have lined up for the future are going to be just as perfect.

This is not something altogether unexpected by any, Steve was ill for quite some time now and it has been reported that her himself has started feeling the ailments that he thinks it would interfere with his ability to lead as he did till then. Like any great leader, instinctive and responsible, he stepped down when he felt it time. He had spent his life time nurturing this institution, that at a time when it is standing tall with all its glory. What greater time to bow out than in the zenith of glory. He leaves Apple a grown firm after guiding it through childhood and teenage. He has decided it’s time to let go

With or without Jobs Apple is going to reap up money, their market share is unprecedented by anyone and they have what it takes to keep it that way. It is to be seen what the stepping down of Steve has done to the Apple Inc., but expecting too much reverberation is futile. A mature firm like Apple would not have much of a shaking from this unfolding of events. With Steve still in the board of directors apple knows where to turn to in times of trouble

Best of luck Tim Cooks on your new job. Filling his shoes may not be easy , But if Steve sees you fit we have little worry !

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