A Time for Reflection

Yes, I am disappointed, I am so disappointed. I am disappointed not because I lost, but because I know that I worked hard and this is not what I deserved. Life is not fair by degree of perspective, life if often the sly friend you have to live with. It would hurt us more to realize of this fact that living with it in ignorance. But that does not change anything. Does it? Every one of those time that you stood a startled witness to your dreams crumbling down like an house of cards. Life is not fair and I stand a stupid witness to its wrongs.
Nevertheless, that is no reason to give up, That is no reason to be pessimistic. Remember there may have been someone who worked a little bit more, someone who had put in that little spec of extra perseverance that you forgot. The universe does have its own ways, ways it does its doing. This may appear rather spiritual, but there is a definitely justice in the working of the universe. There is evidence everywhere how one compensates the other and supports the system in its own rights. We call it nature’s harmony. The definite abyss that you see may just be the exit from the dungeon. After all the night is the darkest just before the dawn. The imminent failures are but the final lessons to be learned before the inevitable victory, it is the duty of the universe to take care that the deserving gets the glory.
It is not for you hand the prize over is it? But it is in you to run the marathon. It is your job to stand up when you fall and it is of you to finish the race. The laurels and the parties will come along, strive for the last missing piece if the puzzle till the whole is done. Finish it, that is just the beginning of the journey. The things that went unfinished will be but a waste of effort, when you set your heart onto something, don’t you wish to see the dream blossom. To see it in all colors, with wings of gold, soaring in the sky like the birds of some forgotten fairy tales.
There will come the time, when you will win, because eventually you have to win, eventually you have to be honored for your hard work. This is just a battle lost, the war still to be won. No time stand and mourn, no time to run for shelter. It is the time to rise above it all and fight, it is the time to win and this time the fate will be made different. This is all it takes to rescue the sinking ship and finish the votage.
From the Journals of a Lone Man by Rupertt Aryeen Wind:

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