The Art of Savouring

If there is one thing about the subcontinent that no ever refutes, and every head nods in unison, then that got to be its rich flavours. Salivating is the one thing that foreigners and locals find hard to control when confronted by the vast variety of tastes in its arsenal. Be it the simple and humble ‘dosa’ or the much more intricate favours of its curries, its dishes has an unquestionable command over the tongue. As they release new shades of its taste in the mouth, we do realise that its gastronomical sensibility has no parallel. But then the bigger question arises, had we forgotten to savour it ?

Had you not enjoyed the flavours of your meal lately then probably you might have forgotten to eat it and ‘gulped’ it down. No! My purpose is not to point fingers at anyone, not as much as to show that the life we are living now. Which has taken from us that little what we had of our time to cherish things. On cue from what I have been telling in my post ‘ The little things in life, I insist that these little things in life are what will hold immense value in your withering years.

The art of savoring is not as much as an art as in the conventional sense, but it nonetheless one, a unique one at that too. Just like any other art form you would think up the art of savoring requires and artist. But unlike any other art there is, this is particularly simple to practice. We need no brushes and there is no need for a master class either all you have to have is the deliciously abundant and abundantly delicious dishes and the time and patience to savour it. The one thing that you should notice is to take care not to gulp it down by your typical impulses.

Now, to the important part, how to do it? Here I am at a loss because I don’t know whether what I am going to propose is right; intact what really bothers me is whether my ‘right’ is the only ‘right’. But nonetheless I am going to spill it out anyway, so here going my guide to the art of savoring, There are just three simple steps to it;

Step one is to take a meaningful chuck from the dish, not too small nor too big. Step two is as simple as it gets ‘ put it in your mouth’. Step three is where the actual savoring happens hence, it is the most important of all. The step three, fight the urge to gulp down and let the saliva get to the food completely, then you can see, rather taste its flavours melting into your mouth one after another, each triggering an unique sense and response.

Now that it is time to get into the boring epilogue, to tell the truth I am still caught up in the wines of the previous sentiment. The fact is I can tell no more on this subject that I already have, for I do not know anything more. The art of savouring is my little idea, an idea that I stumbled upon savouring my sundae and its million vibrant tastes. I say enjoy, enjoy these little things that can give your life a whole new aspect, a new perspective. After all life is too short to cry over it. When one goes to bed today, tomorrow is just a hope that we take for granted.

One thought on “The Art of Savouring

  1. The same is true of life too. We have to savour the flavour slowly, to let the flavours seep into our pores and experience the feeling of living. Nice post. And welcome to my indivine network too 🙂


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