My Very own Versatile Blogger Award.

 YOo HOo! My Very Own Versatile Blogger Award! , 


A little Note:
I have always wanted one, and the only reason I have one now is because of that one very special person i so affectionately call ‘D’. Nope! I didn’t start ( affectionately calling her ‘D’) because she gave me the award. No? don’t believe me, its fine you can ask her right away, She will always be dwelling on her very personal hangout called ‘Odds and Ends‘ or if shes been away lately she will be feeling way too much ‘Tipsy from the Trip‘ and will be all words about it. You definitely should check her out, (not her, her blog!).
SO Now since I have accepted the Award( why wouldn’t I!)
I must follow the rules of the ceremony and follow these things!

1. Paste this award on my blog.   check!
2. Thank the person who gave me this award. check
3. Pass this award to 15 fellow bloggers. 
4. Share 7 random facts about yourself.
I really wish I could pass this to everybody I know but then I must follow the rules of accepting the award and here goes my group of extraordinary gentlemen and ladies who make my every day a special one by their mere presence and charisma.

1. Gina McKnight of Gina’s Blog 
           * for her wonderful horse stories and fabulous poetry, of which I don’t know which is better.

           * for the fabulous horse cursor and her small big world she always talks about.

3. Maithilii, Chandhana and PeeVee and the Darlings of Darlings of Venus
           * for all the things they talk about, often I have no Idea what they are talking about.

4. Zephyr of Cyber Nag
           * for all the nagging that is being done around there.

5. Krishnapriya of Scribbling Pad
           * for all the gossip shes been circulating lately (And to make sure she doesn’t involve me in one.
              PS : don’t tell her!).

6. Joshi Daniel of Joshi daniel Photography 
           * for all the wonderful pictures his camera takes for him.

7. Paige of Paiges of Life 
       * for her beautiful child Avery and the wonderful stories they brew up together.
       * for having her blog address so similar to mine so that could find in out meet little miss Avery.

8. Rohit Sareen of My Third Eye
           * for all the things he claims to have seen with his third eye (which we see with our two).

9. Deepak Karthik of WhateveR it Takes
           * One more for you collection Deepak!.

10. Pranita of Miracles Happen
           * for being a believer and bringing out some very marvelous pieces of creative writing I have seen.

11. Sangeetha Raghu Nair of Sangry Words
           * for all the people she has managed not to kill in her latest road rage.

12. Chinthan Guptha of The Blunt Blog
           * for all the things she si been putting on her blog, everything from random snaps to chiseled poems.

13. Enigmatic Soul of Musings and reflections
           * For all the enigmatic poems shes been churning out, she is on a roll.

14. Shobaa De of Shobadee
           * everybody knows her and her versatility, ( she got me blogging ).

           * last but not even close to the least, for all the wonderful things she rights in her blog.

Now the last part : & random things about me!

Lets see!

1. I am milk lover ( loves it much much more than tea or coffee).
2. I got into blogging thinking of making money( I haven’t made a penny 😛 Lol).
3. I like to sleep all the time.
4. I am a adept programmer ( really guys I can code) .
5. I likes to walk around the house naked ( only when nobody’s around , feels natural).
6. I cook!
7. I am addicted to chocolates and cant live without my daily sugar.

24 thoughts on “My Very own Versatile Blogger Award.

  1. Thanks so much Rupertt.. but it turns out i just received the same award this morning… 😉
    Thanks a ton though… I 'll mention you as well… u made it double happy for me 🙂


  2. Thank you Rupertt for the award. I have done this tag already though 🙂 I will add your name to the Awards page I am creating. Thanks again for the thought. 🙂


  3. Thanks for passing on the award to us! 🙂 (Although you spelled my name wrong.. its Chandana :P)

    And hey.. I thought we make perfect sense on the blog.. How come you don't understand!! Keep reading.. maybe some day you will! 🙂


  4. Oh! dear! chandana I am sorry, I didn't mean too literally, I was just being teasy.

    I do appreciate the work you do on the blog, I do read regularly. I was just being a bit 'cranky'.

    No offense meant there! Sorry! 🙂


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