An Amazing Ad

When I found this ad lying around in a dusty corner of this laptop, My first reaction was to throw it right out. It was old, it was viewed and it was unused for a long time. But then I thought of just playing it once and I just had to share it with all you wonderful people.

Its not everyday that you come across that really touches your heart and it has something, something more than just the brand it represents. This ad contains some of the finest emotions in all its subtlety. It truly is a remarkable and beautiful add, very moving utterly touching.

7 thoughts on “An Amazing Ad

  1. loved it…. donno how, I dont remember watching this ad, mayb bcz I m nt as much of an tv addict..
    n m glad u shared it here… cz its really wonderful! 😀


  2. @Aditi Ray

    Even I have not seen it ever on the box, But one of my friend had a lovely collection of some very lovely videos , I took this from him some years back and stumbled upon it yesterday while cleaning up my laptop.


  3. Ohh.. I remember this one. This was a classic. Such a powerful and scintillating ad. Great that you posted it and glad I could watch it again. 🙂


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