Nuclear Years

An animation by the artist Isao Hashimoto which depicts every nuclear bomb explosion from the year  1945 to 1998 that ever took place. the video though very succinct is an eye opener, often rather profound.

After all 2053 is a very large number when it comes to nuclear explosions. The video depicts the worlds deadliest 7 nations and their arsenals of doom.

14 thoughts on “Nuclear Years

  1. Awesome depiction (though the event was very disturbing).

    Our teacher had read to us a narration by someone who managed to survive the blast and it shook our very foundations. Real painful.


  2. Whoever made this video was either overly dramatic or had a lot of time on his or her hands. While indeed interesting, I would have sped up the video so as not to have viewers click off of it, as I suppose many have done.

    I used to worry about a nuclear attack, but these days figure I'd be much more than fried before I had a chance to complain about it.

    Too, while I am not a Bible buff per se, but I do recall the world was destroyed by water the first time, and that the second destruction will be by fire. Makes you wonder what with the proliferation of nuclear arms, right?


  3. @Kajal

    Indeed very scary and such an eye opener, For all these years I was of the belief that the world have had only a few nuclear explosions in total, including the ones that occurred on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, But 2053 was a bit large a number to digest at first.


  4. @Jeremy Bates

    I certainly have my reservations about dying in a nuclear attack, Indeed the video is too long for ones patience and I myself clicked it off several times. But the significant factor remains and the treat of global annihilation is very real. Non-Proliferation is fallacy, the weapons don't just vanish they just put up a banner stating 'not good for use'!


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