Mile Sur Mera Thumara

One for the sake of the old times, when all we had was Doordarshan and its occasionally broadcasted patriotic songs. This one was a jewel among the many that would pop up occasionally and that never fails to ignite in us the feeling of brotherhood.

How simpler can it ever be to say that we are one and our voice is one. Mile Sur Mera Thumara was a concept developed by the Lok Seva Sanchar Parishad in 1988, But this particular song was composed by Ashok Patki and written by Piyush Pandey. The video managed to highlight the rich diversity and linguistic differences and the integrity that prevailed in spite of that in our nation of unity and diversity. 

The newer version is nothing but a shadow the original, its such a shame that in spite of all the rich talent we have we are unable to reiterate the spirit of this song again. Somewhere along the line they lost track of  what the purpose of the song was and what it stood for and what it means to the billion people of this nation.

The Lyrics for all who wants to just sing along

[hi] milē sur merā tumhārā, tō sur banē hamārā
sur kī nadiyān̐ har diśā sē, bahte sāgar men̐ milē
bādalōn̐ kā rūp lēkar, barse halkē halkē
milē sur merā tumhārā, tō sur banē hamārā
milē sur merā tumhārā
[ks] Chaain taraz tai myain taraz, ik watt baniye saayen taraz
[pa] tērā sur milē mērē sur dē nāl, milkē baṇē ikk navān̐ sur tāl
[hi] milē sur merā tumhārā, tō sur banē hamārā
[sn] mun̐hin̐jō sur tun̐hin̐jē sān̐ piyārā milē jad̤ahin̐, gīt asān̐jō madhur tarānō baṇē tad̤ahin̐
[ur] sur ka darya bahte sagar men mile
[pa] bādalān̐ dā rūp laikē, barsan haulē haulē
[ta] Isaindhal namm iruvarin suramum namadhagum
Dhisai veru aanalum aazhi ser aarugal Mugilai
mazhaiyai pozhivadu pol isai
Nam isai
[kn] nanna dhvanige ninna dhvaniya, sēridante namma dhvaniya
[te] nā svaramu nī svaramu sangamamai, mana svaranḡa avatarinchē
[ml] eṉṯe svaravum niṅṅkaḷoṭe svaravum, ottucērnnu namoṭe svaramāy
[bn] tōmār śūr mōdēr śūr, sriṣṭi kōruk ōikōśūr
[as] sriṣṭi hauk aikyatān
[or] tuma āmara svarara miḷana, sriṣṭi kari chālu ekā tāna
[gu] maḷē sur jō tārō mārō, banē āpṇō sur nirāḷō
[mr] mājhyā tumchyā juḷtā tārā, madhur surānchyā barastī dhārā
[hi] sur kī nadiyān̐ har diśā sē, bahte sāgar men̐ milē
bādalōn̐ kā rūp lēkar, barse halkē halkē
milē sur merā tumhārā, tō sur banē hamārā

28 thoughts on “Mile Sur Mera Thumara

  1. Beautiful.. isn't it.. the entire music composition and the way the artists have carried it forward..makes me so proud of where I come from.


  2. This is a very beautiful song.. I always get goosebumps when I listen to this song… proud to be an Indian! Jai Hind..! Thank you for reminding me of this song.. it's been long since I listened to it.. 🙂


  3. What a terribly nostalgic trip down memory lane. This song was truly a wondrous moment in the early days of television, and it is a pity that the remake is unable to recreate the magic. However, the spirit of oneness and magic of so many different people making up our nation still remains. Thanks for the videos and the post.


  4. its always difficult to recreate the original master piece. Agree with you…this version is more about glamorous people, it has lost the spirit, the purity and essence !!


  5. Duplicates never succeed in recreating the same magic as the original once did. A duplicate Amitabh Bachchan or a duplicate Amir Khan can never expect to attain the same level of popularity as enjoyed by the original masters, same goes for song, movies or just about anything. Copying an iconic brand's features negatively impacts the duplicate's own brand equity as he/it is constantly benchmarked with the master. They should have made a completely new version with few subtle similarities with the original Mile Sur. Only the spirit of original Mile Sur could have been retained while the lyrics, music, imagery etc. could have been attempted afresh to ensure greater connect with present generation.


  6. Er… I didn't know there was a new version, and after listening to it I'm glad I didn't. Amitabh Bacchan is clearly besura in this song.

    I don't know why they needed a new one, especially when the original one is timeless.


  7. Wow…your post shows how much we all loved it and continuing to do so. It is such an amazing composition. Agree with you, and others, in saying that the new one is no where near to the original.

    Rupi, is it 'sur ka dariya behte sagar me mile' or 'sur ki nadiya behke sagar me mile'? i am not sure.


  8. @Arnab, Jen and JKHoNa

    its so true that they want to remake everything and they usually end up doing a bad job, Its clear most timeless classics are going to remain so and nothing will ever surpass its shear glory. Its a vain job yet they do it, I don't understand whyQ


  9. Does India have mostly only singers and movie stars? The new one seems to focus too much on some unnecessary things compared to the old!
    The first video brought back a lot of memories… I loved the start of doordharshan broadcasting daily!


  10. बचपन की कई धुनें ताजा हो गईं..निंसदेह यार ये एकता का सर्वश्रेष्ठ गाना कहा जा सकता है।


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