An Obituary

The past week was not so particularly good; with two funerals in a row you can expect anything from it either. I hate funerals for a start, they make me rather uncomfortable. But where I stand different from the vast majority of people is on point of perspective, I hate funerals not because I have a hard time understanding life and contemplating death and neither because those are the moments that reveal the evanescence of existence. I hate funerals because of the way it is celebrated rather mourned. I believe death has to be celebration not a moment of sadness, it is a moment if liberation the point of the ultimate nirvana.
May I think so because  nobody close enough to me have so far died to cause me a traumatic state of mind or neither have I connected so well with the great people who have passed away so far in my close kith and kin. I do understand and uphold the possibility of a complete crackdown in ideology whilst someone so dear does pass away. If any do hold a stance not in unison to me do take me for a nubile and let it go.
I am writing this as a memorial for the souls whom I knew and did not have the good will to know before they disposed their mortal selves.  The first of it was the father of a friend, rather an acquaintance. I must say it was a very bad day to get to know him His father’s funeral is by no way the best of days to know a person and understand him. It’s so strange yet so true that in such dire moments we see people with no makeup, they are clear like crystal. Amidst the broken mind and the fl9owing tears they don’t have the time to put up a facet.  They are bared inside out and all they crave is a pat on their shoulder and a shoulder to rest on.
He was a wonderful person, teacher and personality, Not that I know him personally in the eyes of my friend and his mother I saw what a human he was, a true noble soul. In the words of anger that they uttered with divine disgust I was the loving father he was and in their omniscient silence I saw what and how much he meant to them. After all what could a man what from his short mortal stay than to leave a legacy behind, not in big books of history or in bronze statues but in the hearts of men and women whom he lived with and shared his life and its worth with. A man of incalculable value and an owner of a wide heart. May he rest in peace and may his family rejoice in the memories he left behind for them.

Next to depart was a person of such adorable nature, grandmother of my roommates, a very special person to him hence a very special person to me. I have seen her, been in her presence hardly minutes yet those moments shine through the kaleidoscope of my mind. She was a real women with an almost divine aura about her. I don’t want to talk more about her as I know that my friend will obviously read it and it’s hard enough for him I don’t want to make it any harder.  I really wish he didn’t read it at all.

It’s unbelievable isn’t it that in every second almost somebody very dear and real to somebody just cease to exist, some we know many we don’t know. Death is a ubiquitous truth that happens with no warning, no pattern nor any premonitions and yet its remains the most beautiful of all things that could happen to a person. Death is just the end of a dream we call life and death is an awakening into a world beyond the boundaries of this dream we call reality. Death is never an end it’s just the beginning of another existence.

33 thoughts on “An Obituary

  1. Real good! U gave my eye a new view to look at funerals and cremations! Don't be offended, but I tell you its a good occasion to catch up with people and understand them better. Only thing is that we need to give them a lot of time to speak.


  2. Very touching post. Often we do not value people till they are no longer in our lives. They never get to know the difference they made to our lives while they were alive, and after they die, it is too late.


  3. Death… a loss to some and a NEWS to others. Dear Wind, if I may point out just a small correction in the very first para where you mention, ” I hate funerals because of the way it is celebrated rather mourned. I believe death has to be celebration not a moment of sadness,…” the first sentence misses the word 'not' before 'celebrated rather mourned…' to unknot the lines. Hope that is what you had in mind. Neat write.


  4. As much as death can be made a celebration (Like Anupam Kher's father's obituary), I feel it's difficult to comprehend to the complete and often sudden absence of someone who has been with you 24*7. As time elapses, you accept the fact but often, the absence haunts. For e.g Till date, I find it quite unnerving to think of the day when a perfectly conscious person is guided to the space so unknown and often feared.

    A tip: Your style of putting words to thoughts is distinct and personalized. Deciphering the paragraphs would be easier if you break down the longer sentences and use appropriate punctuations.


  5. Death is something that can come anytime to anyone uninvited and that should lead us to do all the right things in life. For all that we plan, we never know, if we'll be alive the next morning to execute it.


  6. Hate funerals? well, I don't think I have met anyone yet who enjoys attending them! This is time when you can offer support, strength to the one who has lost a close one.. It is hard time, no matter how much you say death needs to be celebrated!! you can celebrate life the person lead, remember good times, share stories, hope and pray for his soul hoping he is better off…

    I am not saying its about tears and cries but you do miss the one who has gone, sometimes you see it coming and sometimes it just hits you when you least expect it.. either way it isn't easy.


  7. @Delhizen Thast very thought provoking. You pushed me into a stream of thought that I never cared about, It just gives the whole thing a altogether different meaning doesn't it?

    You must celebrate death but you just cant do it.


  8. Coz am normally am naan-sensical person and end up offending people most of the times wid ma naan-sense! later, the grudges they hold in their mind remain for their lifetime.. 🙂


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