The Bernard Shaw Incident

George Bernard Shaw
I read about this incident in a book long back and it just came back to me now!
Once Bernard Shaw was in a party or sort, He  met a beautiful women with whom he had chatted up or the other way around, I am not so sure as I was not invited to the particular party and people who where are yet to make up their minds about it. But they are pretty sure about what happened later.

The Bernard Shaw Experience

During the conversation Bernard Shaw asked the women, ” Would you sleep with me if I offered you 1000 euros?”
The women has shocked and said “No”!.
Mr Shaw persisted, He continued ” What if I would were to give you 10000 euros?”
The women was by calming down and simply replied “No!”
Mr Shaw was  not the one to give in He asked “What if I were to give you One Million Euros?”.
The women must have thought he was crazy but when he took out his check book and waved at her, she started thinking. I wouldn’t blame her ! million euros is a lot of money. 
She thought hard and replied “May be”.
Mr Shaw quickly put the checkbook back in the pocket and held out Hundred Euros to the lady.
She was furious and asked “What kind of a lady do you think I am?”.
Mr Shaw smiled and replied calmly ” I think we already established what kind of a lady you are, we are just dangling over the price!”.

The Take from Bernard Shaw’s Experience

This is just one example of how people change in the presence of money, A sum that’s all it takes to influence people, sometimes they come cheap some times they are expensive but it is really hard to find priceless people.

15 thoughts on “The Bernard Shaw Incident

  1. I knew about the 'Euro' problem in the story, But I was not in a mood to research the story any further.

    But thinking of it now, I wonder what he would have actually offered given that no real record of where the actual event occurred is still shrouded in mystery!May be Pounds, dollars or lire…

    but since the point would remain the same and since I myself is a very lazy lad! I am going to let it remain the same!

    Thanks leaps and bounds guys for pointing it out, I sure now know that you carefully read my posts! @matheikal and @liberalcynic


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