An Invisible Man

What true is that all men are invisible, invisible like glass, so invisible that they are seldom seen and the funny thing is that unlike glass they themselves feel invisible. Everyman is lonely, everyman is alone, how much ever he surrounds himself with people, he becomes more and more invisible. How can he be alone is an interesting question, especially in this fast shrinking world, but the sad truth is the smaller the world gets the lonelier its inhabitants get. It’s certainly a paradox upon itself that in the growing crowd people find themselves the more isolated.

We are connected with a million people through all sorts of media, wired, not wired, perceivable and unperceivable alike. Tiny electronic chips plug you to a vast network of friends and family, acquaintances and what not. The virtual world of thriving socialization sees even people lacking in inter personal skills in real life make magnanimous groups in the virtual domain. But have you ever thought what you are worth without the internet. Has it ever occurred to you to sever away all virtual ties for a few hours, try it and see whether you are truly not alone. The networks have a very bad feature about it; it fills you with a false sense of reality. You chat and chat with your colleague on line but in real life you can’t even tell “hello” though you see here every hour of every day of your life.

I am not here to bash technology and it’s just taking me far away from what is it that I really what to tell. The only reason I introduced the internet and the telecoms is because I wanted to tell you the virtual life is not the real life. The moment you are free from all these amenities you find yourself alone in the world. It’s certainly no generalization but the sad fact that rules most of our lives.

There are two kinds of loneliness in the world or I think so. One is the loneliness that persists because there is no one to be with you ever, because no one loves you are likes you. Now this is a sad state to be and the vast majority of us never fall in this category. The other the more general state of loneliness that you and I are so easily susceptible to is the state of loneliness that arise from the fact that though there exist a crowd of people who loves you they are just not there right now. This loneliness is always in the now. The moment you are alone it creeps in. Though you have a dozen friends, now seems to think about you then, no one calls no one enquires and then the minds starts playing sinister tricks on itself.

There is a goodness to this feeling of loneliness, it shows you what you want, what you can have and most importantly what is it that you already have. You would only miss what you already had, isn’t it? The truth is that no one is really invisible in this world, everyone is visible. It only happens that you are in a company of souls that can’t see you. I know I have half contradicted myself, but the truth is that no one is invisible, it’s just happens that no one is looking is looking right now. That is not the same as being invisible, Is it?

19 thoughts on “An Invisible Man

  1. ITs true… no one is really invisible… But then again the issue is also whether or not you choose to be invisible.
    Do unto others as you want them to do to you…. famous ol' saying! You can choose to go out and make friends and stop being all that invisible!
    Well written on this topic!


  2. On the otherhand the internet has provided a lot of visibility to some souls who would otherwise shy away in a cocoon. That way it helps, but agreed, sometimes we all lead lonely lives!


  3. you are right , internet and technology has brought some change for sure , people are not that caring anymore..

    but as Jaish above pointed out that is true too, If I have nto started blogging I would not have met all these lovely human beings who i talk to almost everyday



  4. Loneliness and need for attention goes away when we work on self-esteem and focus on the essentials.

    We find more people coming to us when we are good at what we do.

    But I enjoyed reading your article and agree that a lot of people feel this loneliness you spoke about.


  5. @Jaish_vats: Indeed I have been one sided in approach and at no point in life can I deny the visibility that the net gives the many lonely souls. I am writing this and you are reading this, what more of an example can I give.


  6. @sabyasachi patra : That exactly is how the island of loneliness gets formed. we are so absorbed in our digital existence that the moment the power goes we find our self out of place.


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