731 Days of Frivolous Love

Two lovers in embarce

It was not two years and one day ago that I met her. I knew her even before, In fact I might have even known her from another life. I have seen her even before that, not superfluously but even in the much simpler most straight forward sense. We were friends then and then we were better friends and now much more than just friends in the contemporary sense. But still we are friends first and anything and everything next.

Romeo and Juliet :  A paintingThe first time I met her was in my first days of college, in the most casual way, unnoticed and perturbing of each other’s existence. The first time I talked to her was in the gleaming presence of borosil glasses of the many million shapes and the vast variety of colourful liquids that it contained. Under its silent and tinted rendering of a magnificent evening was the first ever sounds greeted her in menial enquires. Then the first share the first touch, the first embrace and the first kiss and above all the first tear drop of love.

Two years back on that day lost among the wondrous celebrations how did I realized that it was to be her? That I don’t know but when our eyes met that day, then and there. I knew we were much more much more than what the earthy bodies have bounded us to be. We sue had history: a history that spanned eternities together. Her imperfections so perfectly sculpted that they fit like a hand in a glove to my imperfection. SO does my imperfections to hers. We complement and we complete and in unison we are eternal, transdential and complete.

Today all I price is her nearness all that I care for is the pungent fragrance of her aroma. Today everything is but another way to her just another step towards the ultimate union that is her and in her. Today everything is about her and about our love for one another. The one fact of the most greatest consequence today is that I am hers and she mine.Β  The one ultimatum is and isΒ alwaysΒ is that

Lovers by the sunset


33 thoughts on “731 Days of Frivolous Love

  1. beautiful…love seems to be in da air while reading ds..Happy anniversary πŸ™‚ god bless you olws πŸ™‚ ma frst visit here!! n m in love wd ur blog πŸ™‚


  2. * Today everything is about her and about our love for one another. The one fact of the most greatest consequence today is that I am hers and she mine * Loved these lines πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚



  3. 1st of happy anniversary (of course belated πŸ˜› )…
    and 2nd your this post is too good…now I want to write like that only…on my anniversary πŸ˜‰ …. what to do your dedication to love is awesome….


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