Mindless Bickering

At Very few times do one find himself at the precipice, times when his tenacious adherence to all things decay invariably leaving one bare, naked and vulnerable. The truth about these times are simple, they are times of great conflict, times of great understandable commotion. That’s the truth about though it may take shapes and forms that are not immediately perceivable not even noticeable by common observation. It would often take great pain and lethal amounts of persistence to find the simplicity of most of humanity’s troubles. One has to stop and ponder without bias to realize the simple things.

But where so we have the time for a little self-enquiry in this supposedly busy world. In fact the numero uno item one must ponder is what is that they are so busy searching. Most of the pleasures of life that most people seek can be found where they already are. Again looking is the problem, we are so happy and satisfied by search and pursuit that we invariably forget to look.

Then again as I was saying before being carried away my irresponsible stream of thoughts or thoughtlessness, when facing humongous and humbling crisis we cease to search and we start to look and hitherto we find. It precisely because of this simple reason that we remember life as a sequence of great events and not as a continuous stream of divine motion which it is meant to be. Why do we feel not one bit impulse to document these great personal feats? why not write then down and stop bothering?

I believe that these moments are often deprived of meaning and devoid of sense but to the person of its origin, almost like my mindless bickering that you are by the pure merit of your tenacity is reading through. When confronted by truthful delirium one reacts not on accord of one’s training but by merit of one’s nature and by it alone.

If you are looking for a conclusion of any nature, I go out to remind you that as the title of this particular essay ( of sort ) goes this is just a mindless bickering, it can’t have a solid conclusion nor any reasonable reason for its existence.had it had one it would have become a traitor to its on end. Wouldn’t it? I would just leave it that and leave you to pick up the pieces.

4 thoughts on “Mindless Bickering

  1. No one can escape this mindless bickering, It has to hit sooner or later. Domains may differ, concerns may differ but Sometimes running a race to achieve we forget what we wanted to achieve in the first place. or are we losing the same thing in bargain.

    Nice post, it leaves much to ponder over.


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