10 wishes on my 22nd

For those of you who are unfamiliar with it and those who would care to know, Two days ago I turned twenty-two. 
What quickly followed was a realization that I have lived one year longer and my future one year less.
After that it was just calls from friends and family, everyone I cared and who cared for me called up at and around midnight blissfully ruining my goodnight sleep and wished me a prosperous and beautiful year ahead.
The cliches… Yes…
But I thank them never the less for making me feel loved and cared for. 
After that I thought
“What do I want for the next year anyway?”
“What were my dreams?”
“What were my birthday wishes?”
By the way
I think this is my first birthday in my memory without a birthday cake and I sure that there are more to follow on in that front.
Okay back to my wishes…
So Finally I decided to pen them down
“My 10 Wishes for the age of 22”
Here they are 
1. Make sure that my fiancee knows that I love her and only her.
I may not be the most forthcoming in matters of love in the universe, and I may at time fell short of letting my dearest heartthrob know how much I love her and how much I appreciate her. But that is going to chance this time and this time she will know that she is the most loved person in the whole wide world.
2. Keep my promises to my dearest heartthrob.
I am not sorry to be bringing in my darling a second time around, It my list I will do what I like. I have given her a lot of promises over the years and its time for them to come due. I intent to keep them too.
PS: I know these are not much of a wish as a resolution, but still they matter.
3. I wish my brother would get in the college that he wants.
I do wish that my brother would find what he wants to do with life and I wish he gets what he wants and what is that which is the best for him, even if he realizes that now or not.
4. I wish that all my friends would get a job or whatever they want after college.

I don’t want to talk about it more though. i may not have talked to some of them for some time now but that does not mean that I do not care.
5. I wish all my gang would grow old together.
I wish my gang of thick friends now would forever remain so and that we would have our families would one day join the circle and that they would be uncles and aunts and godfathers to each others children and that we would go camping and trekking together with our families and our dogs. I wish our wives would get together and be as good friends as we are and that we be one good old gang of old friends.
PS: This is a special wish and I really hope this one is granted. That would mean a lot to me.
6. I wish that I be more caring towards my family.
I wish that i be able to show my family how much I love everyone of them and that I give them no reason to think that I care less. I love them, everyone of them but I almost always feel that I am not doing enough in showing them that.
7. I wish that there was something that I could do about some friends.
I know that some of my friends are in trouble and I know that they need help, I wish That I could do something about it. I understand when everyone tells me not to butt in and I accept that many a times I sound like I am preaching. But still I wish I could help them through this tough phases of life. May be my keeping shut is the best thing but still I wish.
8. I wish everyone was happy
I know this is a naive wish and that this is one wish that is probably never going to come true, But still… I Wish it.
9. I wish that the magic in life never dies.
I feel it now, I don’t know how I kept the child like wonder in me living till this age. I don’t know how I can still be a child at heart and I do look rather young too. But I wish that I be able to keep in intact till my grave.
10. I wish my friends would find love.
I don’t think my friends are ready for true love yet, They haven’t had there hearts broken yet. So I do not wish them true love but I wish them love for I want to see them fall in love and embrace the feeling of being in love. I want them to have a broken heart and I want them to have the courage to fall in love again and again, to have the courage to risk heart getting broken and finally finding their true love.

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