What I Have

What I have is just a cup of steaming tea, a pen in my hands, a book lying by my side and the evening wind on my face. From where I sit, I can see the horizon, the slow moving clouds and the promise of rain. U feel the delicate caress of the southern wind and the slow murmur of the trusting leaves. I can hear the distant chatter of …

Look, there is a fly …

Shoo… Get out of my tea …

Where we we? Yes.

The distant chatter of the nesting birds and the cracking of the dry leaf as he is dragged across the roof. I can feel at the moment my pen slowly scratching the paper.

What do I have?

At the moment I have the little things, At this moment I know everything is perfect, Everyone I know is happy and I can imagine it.

I can see my family celebrating my brother getting into college, I can see my girlfriend reading my message and I can feel in my heart the smile that spreads across her face as she reads it. I can see two my best friends enjoying each other company, joking and laughing along as they walk the boulevard, probably gossiping about me, about something I did or said. I hope they are gossiping about me. I can see the home brimming in the eyes of a friend who has just stepped down into a whole new place and an whole new life.I can see the wonder in a friend’s eyes as she watches the rain pour down, perched high up in her cosy nest. 

What do I have now?

 I have the little things, the little things that truly matters.

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