A Breast and Chicken Debacle

It was not as bad as Homer got it
Every once in a while we end up doing or saying something stupid that will haunt you for life or at least the foreseeable future. This is the very short story of my ‘slip of the tongue’ moment that ended up putting me in some of the most embarrassing moments of this year.
It was on the day one of my team mates, quiet an elderly fellow at that decided to treat us for the valuable years he has burned away at our office. Needless to say that this sudden gesture of generosity had more to do with relentless nagging than a compulsive need for expensive celebrations. It was on this forsaken day that the blunder than that became my Homer Simpson moment occurred.
We were leisurely sitting in one of Chennai’s finest Italian restaurants ( I intentionally am leaving out the name lest the management decides to throw me out the next time I step in) when in the process of giving our order my colleague ( not the same as the poor soul who had to pay the bill) asked me what I would like and I answered him casually
“Anything with chicken breasts is fine by me”
And with an unmissable spontaneity he started laughing and I realised I missed the words  “chicken”
The rest is history that I am trying hard to forget and harder to make others forget ( with remarkably low success )

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