The Dark Skies of Chennai

The skies of Chennai depress me, they are void of all art and all divinity of God’s creation. They are uninspiring and unimpressively bland. I remember the time I used to look up at the sky from my home in Trivandrum, they were full of innumerable stars, my skies were always like that, until now. They always inspired me, they always made me close to God. Every time I look at the sky, every time I witness the masterpiece God has drawn I feel like I am having a conversation with God, an thoroughly personal and exclusive conversation. It is impossible for anyone who has witnessed the beauty of the night sky, any one who has come to terms with the overwhelming presence of the universe to doubt God. It can’t be pure chance that out is so beautiful.

This is what I miss here, the intimate moments with God, the humbling vastness of the universe. The stars, the constellations, the comets, the wishing stars… It is impossible for the jaded skies if Chennai and it’s countable stars to project that kind of power. The lost skies of Chennai can no longer make one wonder nor ponder. They have grown impotent, they kindle no dreams nor any aspirations. They are like the barren desserts of the north west. They have forever lost the magic. It saddens me to think that when I have the skies of my home, when I have the memories of those magical moments the children of Chennai has none, they have missed out on a miracle. Unfortunate and pitiful they roam unaware of the brilliance of the skies.
I wonder what astronaut shall come from under these skies. I wonder what any child can dream from under these skies. And what troubles me is that may be on a day in the foreseeable future these skies shall forever turn dark and only the radiant light of conquered moon shall pierce the doomed hearts of this city. Sad and desolate, it fills me with an agonizing melancholy. 
Children seize the skies, seize it today because they are your inheritance, your heritage. They are the gods gift to you. They are yours to look at. They are yours to dream of and yours to be inspired by. Seize your skies, they are yours.

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