The Traits of a Honorable Man

What makes a honorable man? What makes him a Gentleman? Is it what he wears and how he treads ? or is it how he behaves or how he acts upon? What differentiates him from a sensible man and what what makes him an exotic species?  Is it great deeds and illuminated decorations that weigh down upon his chest? Or is it the fancy cars and the opulence of his living? Is it majestic orations or his conduct that is watched upon with much awe? What makes him an honorable man? What makes him a gentleman?

For starters, one thing we could say with much¬†certainty¬†is that neither fame or money nor power plays any significant¬†role in¬†making a man honorable. Though I admit there are a few powerful, rich gentlemen out there who are so famous, they alone¬†doesn’t¬†make a man honorable.¬†Honor¬†comes not¬†form the¬†chastised¬†vaults¬†of great treasure or by¬†flimsy¬†pathways of glitter and glamour and the eternal stutter of the snapping shutters. To stand¬†testimonial¬†to this claim of mine I have an innumerable array of¬†people¬†who has¬†disappointed¬†utterly and disgraced¬†themselves¬†publicly. A list that ranges from drunken¬†celebrities¬†to brainless¬†bureaucrats¬†who has been caught with their pants down or¬†their¬†hands down the cookie jar. So if it is not money, fame or power that brings¬†honor¬†then what does?¬†

Many may argue that its¬†education¬†that would bring honor to men. But I cant but help¬†disagree. though I¬†would not completely nullify its¬†contributions¬†in making a man a ¬†honorable one I cant tell that education alone will make one¬†honorable. had that been the case the¬†earth¬†must be by now over flowing with honorable men.¬†We¬†don’t¬†see that right? What we¬†see is great and¬†educated¬†men making a big ass of¬†themselves¬†in public and private. They get inflicted by the¬†devils¬†gene no matter how many degrees and scholarships they hold. Even those that appear to be honorable in their¬†collared¬†lives flutter¬†when¬†the corporate facets come off.¬†So what is that, that beyond¬†education¬†that is required to¬†instill¬†honor in a human being.¬†

May be its wisdom, but what is wisdom? is wisdom a form of realization or is it the cumulative experience of years and years of  the perils of human life. Wisdom is not a quantifiable quality of human nature, but its a n abstract word that represents a greater level of learning. A level of learning that cant be understood by none other than the wise and that can only be admired and observed in awe. 

The heights by great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight, but they, while their companions slept, were toiling upward in the night. 

I believe what makes a man honorable has much to do with wisdom and realization but not¬†completely.¬†There¬†is something more that is necessary to make him the complete man. That something is love,¬†compassion¬†and¬†an array of such subtle but vehement feelings. To be a honorable man takes more that just a long¬†beard¬†and a pair of round glasses, it takes a feeling of universal belonging and consideration for others. It takes the ability to make the right¬†decision¬†and to adherence to the truth and righteousness. It take sense ¬†and sensitivity to¬†another man’s¬†feelings and the coherent ability to understand others pain and¬†suffering¬† this together makes a man¬†honorable¬†and this is why the remain and¬†forever¬†will remain an exotic species and among men they will always walk tall and elusively.¬†