Mommy! Why can’t I have a Dog?

There is no surprise here, it’s not the first time that I have asked and It’s not the first time she said no. That doesn’t mean I can’t keep on asking does it? Even I wonder why I just don’t get a dog and not keep asking; surely I don’t get an answer for that too. There you have it, A question that I have been asking for so long and an answer I am as accustomed to as the question.

It all started way back, when I was in lower grades. There was one particular advertisement by the mobile company ‘Hutchison Erikson’ or Hutch then. They had a particularly cute dog chasing after a boy in it. The dog was so cute, cuddly and friendly, that I wanted one ever since. So the same evening my Mom came home and I asked her “mommy, mommy can I have a doggy”. She didn’t even looked surprised, maybe she added it to the long list of things that I usually keep asking. And of course she gave me an instantaneous no for that.

Somehow, over the years the idea of owning a dog stuck with me, I always wanted to own a dog and always kept asking my mom for one.  There were multiple times I asked her why she would not give me a dog for a birthday present or a Christmas present or something of that sort. But anything but doggy she kept on saying ‘no dog’. Then as I grew up I decided to take things on my own hand and said I will get a dog. She kept saying ‘no doggy kiddo’. Since she was always against the idea of a dog, I was particularly interested in having one.

So not us!
Other than the fact that I am a getting older by the years, I never got myself to get a dog. Every time I watch a dog on screen, I want a dog in home. My girlfriend had a dog in her house which she was terrified of, I wonder why they kept that dog. She has some kind of a phobia towards dogs. To tell the truth even I have no hope of owning a dog, whenever I decide to go get one I get goose bumps. My mom’s voice starts playing in my head. ‘Having a dog is huge responsibility, you have to feed it, you have to wash it, clean it, scrub it, you have to vaccinate it’ and so on. She makes it sound as if it harder to own a dog that to send a rocket into outer space.

Anyhow! Even I can’t see myself owning a dog in near future. With a dog phobic girlfriend, who will be my fiancé in less than a couple of years and if god permits my wife in another couple of years and a overly cautious and anti-doggy mother’s voice in the head. I can’t see any possibility of having a dog. After all breaking up with a girl just over a dog is not right, is it?

She had a Doggy!


                                    My Girlfriend had a doggy and he was called Rocky! Though I was always jealous of him, there were times I loved him. He may not to be to me what he had been to her. It’s a funny story, a funny story how life unfolds to us all in ways unimaginable and often it has a sad ending. Its but inevitable I suppose.
                                    It was his funeral two days back and ever since then I miss him much or rather I miss my girlfriend missing her rocky.
                                    It is a good story how it all started, She had rocky even before we first met. She was so afraid of him that she would not touch him at all and would run screaming had he came closer that a few yards. But at the same time she loved him, She loved the little rocky running around her country home and eat her chickens. I didn’t know when rocky turned vegetarian or when he had enough of the smelly chickens he soon seized eating her chickens. By the way I forgot he was a good golden German shepherd.
                                    I always wondered why she would run away from a dog she so much loved and adored. She would not even let me joke on him. There was one time I suggested we would get rid of rocky when we she was once complaining of how rocky scares her by licking her legs, she says she gets Goosebumps when he does that. Its true hell has known no fury like a woman gone angry. She would not even talk to me for the next couple of days.
                                                There was this incident once, I think a couple of years back. One fine holiday there was this site to watch, A really memorable one she would never have done it had she been awake. There was in the bed two angels sleeping together hugging each other. Had I had a chance I would have frozen time and stood there watching my girl and her little doggy, sleeping like two little children. But of course then rocky had to do that, the stupid act of ruining a very quiet morning, after all he is just our stupid dog. He licked her chin and oh my god then there was screaming and running and barking and total chaos. Even neighbors called in to check if all was okay. That was the one day in my life.
                                    It happed a couple of days back, A call from her in the evening confirmed our little rocky has gone to the afterlife. She was weeping over the phone and though there was many a miles that separated us I could hear her words crack and her weak heartbeat. It was not much of a surprise we were expecting it. For the last couple of months he would not eat and he was often sick and lazy no running around and he would often walk away from home and we had to go and bring him back. He was showing signs. And he died two days ago! It did hit as a bit hard no matter how sick he was and how convinced he was going to die, we still hoped that he could one fine morning spring back to his former naughty self and chase my girlfriend around the house.
                                    I too miss him , May be one day when we have a life and get a house , we would buy a little doggy and love him too, But rocky will forever be the rocky and he will be remembered for ever. Many things died along with him and now that’s a space that’s really vacant. My girlfriend had a dog and he died!