Contest : Guess my Name? Contest Closed!

guess what my name is, who

Lets have a break and have some fun

Surely its not Rumpelsptiltskin and its not Rupertt Aryeen Wind, that is my pen name.
So Why not we all have a guessing game around here just for the fun of it, Okay May be I will do a feature on you! an interview perhaps, that too just for fun! аnd there is also a special gift send to your home! 
Anyone who already know my name must not participate and i ask you to keep the game interesting by adding and giving away clues!

So here is the rules:

Rule 1: guess my name and be creative if you don’t know it! There are no negative marks.
Rule 2: You can try infinite times but don’t destroy my page by actually commenting infinite times, may be a hundred times per person.You cant be that creative but just to be on the safe side!
Rule 3 : there is no more rules.
Clues: You could always ask me, or rather trick me into giving away my name! so have fun
Winners :: Rohu and Divya ! Congrats winners!

comment away