Believe me! I am NOT a BOT

Cyborg Man by Benedict Campbell

It has happened way too often, every time I decide to surf the internet I have to question that keeps haunting me. Every time I want to comment, Every time I want to subscribe for a newsletter, every time I want to do something interesting it happens. They always ask politely but when the number of times one has to answer increases so does the frustration and anger multiplies. The question is always the same, “Please prove you are not a Robot”.
The question is always accompanied by a set of illegible letters that no one with a sane pair of eyes can read and if he does try its certain to drive him insane in seconds. The worst part is when the set of letters never matches anything you type because some idiot who did the data entry was way too drunk to realize the difference between ‘a’ and o or ‘r’ and ‘n’. You have to keep typing till you lose sanity and give up or by some divine luck you get it right. I there is one thing in the internet more irritating than those crazy videos that go viral just because some idiot just realized he was an idiot and was lucky enough to be caught on came and helped himself to a few million hits overnight then this must that.

They call it captcha I call it capture

Arsenic relief Captcha

They do have a very lovely name for this insane madness; they call it ‘Captcha’. It sounds like ‘capture’ and I have never been able to understand what they were actually trying to capture, some bad evil robot developed by the sky net or our sane minds.
There are way too many captchas out there for any sane person to happily search the web without losing their minds.May be they do have no other way to distinguish genuine users and spammers but what I don’t understand is why is it that I have to enter the same thing again and again in the same website can’t they just be happy with one verification. I will tell you this I am sick and tired of being called a robot and being asked to prove otherwise. It never fails to make me cry out “Believe me! I am human”.