I am Awesome!

awesome text blogger award

I always wanted to have all these awards, I see them adorn the walls of my friends blogs and I feel like I miss out, But now I am¬†among¬†the elite group. I am legend … wait for it … dary. ¬†

When Kajal gave me the awesome award ‘Awesome Blogger Award’ I was in cloud nine and In a couple of days got another. So I thought i would wait some days and may be I will get lots of them,¬†unfortunately¬†that¬†is not how it works I suppose. So Finally o decided to write it down.¬†

awesome text blogger award

The Rules

As per the rules I am supposed to ( I copied from Kajal )

  • Link back and thank the person whom I got the award from.
  • Share 7 things about me.
  • Pass the award to 15 newly discovered great bloggers.
  • Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.

Thank you Kajal! now that’s done lets do the more¬†interesting¬†stuff ūüėõ¬†

7 things about me? 

Are you sure you want to know. Okay then I will tell you the least¬†interesting¬†seven things there is.¬†In-fact¬†i am going to use a loophole that exists in the award. it¬†doesn’t¬†tell that I cant use the ones I already told in other award acceptance speeches. so there goes…

1. I am milk lover ( loves it much much more than tea or coffee).
2. I got into blogging thinking of making money( I¬†haven’t¬†made a penny ūüėõ Lol).
3. I like to sleep all the time.
4. I am a adept programmer ( really guys I can code) .
5. I likes to walk around the house naked ( only when nobody’s around , feels¬†natural).
6. I cook!
7. I am addicted to chocolates and cant live without my daily sugar.

The last two can be done together, which idiot designed this award. How can I ever give people awards without telling them they got it. It¬†doesn’t¬†make any sense even if I did. I¬†don’t¬†want to be so¬†whiny.

1. Divya Nambiar of Tipsy from the Trip     
* for being my BFF in the blogosphere and all the wonderful journeys she shares with us.

2. Rakhee Ghelani  of  Aussie Girl in India           

* for all the wonderful stories about India that she brings to the table. 

3.¬†Shalini of¬†Shail’s Nest¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†

* for all the beautiful stories that bloom in her wonderful nest.

4. ¬†Nagini¬†of¬†A Homemaker’s Utopia¬† ¬†¬†

 * for all the amazing things this homemakers.

5. Pranita Bhatt of Miracles Happen! 

* for all the wonderful Haikus she been spurring up lately!.

6. Joshi Daniel of Joshi daniel Photography            

* for all the wonderful pictures his camera takes for him.

7. Paige of Paiges of Life        

* for her beautiful child Avery and the wonderful stories they brew up together.       
* for having her blog address so similar to mine so that could find in out meet little miss Avery.

8. Rohit Sareen of My Third Eye           

* for all the things he claims to have seen with his third eye (which we see with our two).

9. Deepak Karthik of WhateveR it Takes           

* One more for you collection Deepak!.

10. Tracy M of Dandelion Mama

* for being a wonderful mom talking about being a wonderful mom, who thought narcissism be so charming.

11. Sangeetha Raghu Nair of Sangry Words           

* for all the people she has managed not to kill in her latest road rage.

12. Chinthan Guptha of The Blunt Blog           

* for all the things she si been putting on her blog, everything from random snaps to chiseled poems.

13. Enigmatic Soul of Musings and reflections           

* For all the enigmatic poems shes been churning out, she is on a roll.

14. Shobaa De of Shobadee           

* everybody knows her and her versatility, ( she got me blogging ).

15. Roopz of Voice of a Village Girl          

 * last but not even close to the least, for all the wonderful things she rights in her blog.