Mile Sur Mera Thumara

One for the sake of the old times, when all we had was Doordarshan and its occasionally broadcasted patriotic songs. This one was a jewel among the many that would pop upoccasionallyand that never fails to ignite in us the feeling of brotherhood.

How simpler can it ever be to say that we are one and our voice is one. Mile Sur Mera Thumara was a concept developed by the Lok Seva Sanchar Parishad in 1988, But this particular song was composed by Ashok Patki and written by Piyush Pandey. The video managed to highlight the rich diversity andlinguisticdifferences and the integrity that prevailedin spiteof that in our nation of unity and diversity.

The newer version is nothing but a shadow the original, its such a shame that in spite of all the rich talent we have we are unable to reiterate thespiritof this song again. Somewhere along the line they lost track of what the purpose of the song was and what it stood for and what it means to the billion people of this nation.

The Lyrics for all who wants to just sing along

[hi] mil sur mer tumhr, t sur ban hamr
sur k蘋 nadiyn har di s, bahte sgar men mil
bdaln k r贖p lkar, barse halk halk
mil sur mer tumhr, t sur ban hamr
mil sur mer tumhr
[ks] Chaain taraz tai myain taraz, ik watt baniye saayen taraz
[pa] tr sur mil mr sur d nl, milk ba廜 ikk navn sur tl
[hi] mil sur mer tumhr, t sur ban hamr
[sn] munhinj sur tunhinj sn piyr mil jad怳ahin, g蘋t asnj madhur tarn ba廜 tad怳ahin
[ur] sur ka darya bahte sagar men mile
[pa] bdaln d r贖p laik, barsan haul haul
[ta] Isaindhal namm iruvarin suramum namadhagum
Dhisai veru aanalum aazhi ser aarugal Mugilai
mazhaiyai pozhivadu pol isai
Nam isai
[kn] nanna dhvanige ninna dhvaniya, sridante namma dhvaniya
[te] n svaramu n蘋 svaramu sangamamai, mana svaran廎{ avatarinch
[ml] e廜廜疾 svaravum ni廜廜ka廎搗廜苟 svaravum, ottucrnnu namo廜苟 svaramy
[bn] tmr 贖r mdr 贖r, sri廜廜虹 kruk ik贖r
[as] sri廜廜虹 hauk aikyatn
[or] tuma mara svarara mi廎戢na, sri廜廜虹 kari chlu ek tna
[gu] ma廎溺 sur j tr mr, ban p廜 sur nir廎溫
[mr] mjhy tumchy ju廎暗 tr, madhur surnchy barast蘋 dhr
[hi] sur k蘋 nadiyn har di s, bahte sgar men mil
bdaln k r贖p lkar, barse halk halk
mil sur mer tumhr, t sur ban hamr

The New Blogger Interface !

Its been time, its like the breath of fresh air, and So long we have been stuck to the old and rusty interface that it really needed a change. Ever Since Google rolled out its new interface for G mail, I have been waiting for such a change to happen to the blogger interface as well. And now, its here. Blogger finally got a new interface for itself after all. There been rumors and speculation but lately I have been worried it would never happen but its here and its a cause for celebration.

A makeover just like G mail

Looks like Google been following a trend around its new interfaces, It showcases the same styles and gradients and colors quite like its recently rolled out G mail interface and its feed burner interface and of course not to forget the trend setter, Google Plus. Google’s been trying to strike up a similarity between its various services, talk about getting it all under the same umbrella. The Orange and cream theme style that popped up with the Google plus, which then has been extended to G mail provides a clutter free interface to work on.
The old way of too much things in too little space has been changed to a well-organized yet feature rich interface. The primal lack of the interface as pointed out during its implementation in the G mail is the lack of interface customization which is it still suffers from. Google though makes the new look available does not gives users any more control than it has been in its previous interfaces.
Dashboard and Page overview
The new dashboard is cleaner and much better thought of than the previous one. They have managed to lose all the extra buttons and have ended up grouped together in a single drop down menu reduced to a small cleanly placed along with the page link.
Every page now has a little overview tab that is by default the greeting window for any page and shows all the recent facts about the particular blog. Especially the new page view and the associated features that have been added under the Stats have been fairly useful. These have managed to provide the power of Googles analytical skill ones solely provided through the Feed Burner now easily accessible.

Greater Control
The main pop out thing about the new interface is its ability to provide greater control and flexibility to any blogger. Any person who has been using Blogger from time to time for some time might most probably find the new interface refreshing and very easy to use. The well organized and carefully placed into a sleek tab set. There nothing catchy around the new interface just old school elegance.
The new user offers greater control in the sense provides a bigger and well sorted tool set especially for Layout planning and Template management. Comment moderation and Stats has been updated. Stats have been a newly added feature into Blogger which has undergone tremendous improvement over its former versions.
Simpler Writing Area

The writing area now features a more text editor look that the previously cramped space provided. The new Blogger provides a cleaner and faster multimedia upload tool and has undergone a revolutionary change in terms of touch and feel. It has been much more properly put with the writing area extending to the full screen size but no significant improvement has come over the tool set, sadly its the same.
Earnings and AdSense

The Earnings and AdSense column has been cleaned up along with the blog. It now offers a seamless interface. It also connects better with your AdSense account and collates the data better than in its previous avatar. Its ability to have more access to features once limited to Feed Burner service increases the user experience a notch up.
Same Old Story in a new Box
The same old story in a new box thats all about the new Blogger interface in its totality. The new interface has managed to do what it did to G mail to Blogger as well. It has managed to de clutter the interface and makes the overall experience great. But that to the limit the innovations has been limited to. Other than greater cross feature support with Googles Feed Burner service nothing new has been released along with the theme release. No new gadgets, No new features and absolutely no new anything worth noticing at all, just a shiny new interface.
Googles janitors has managed to listen to the users long term needs and cleaned up the Bloggers former interface which was in use for quite a lot of time now and was crying for a change. But sadly Google has only managed to clean up the surface, the contents have managed to stay the same irrespective of the upgrade. May be sooner Google will be able to give us a nice little upgrade over the old tools.
Google have done a great job with the new interfaces and deserves the praise for that never the less. Hail Google !